lolgavip: Hamilton Vettel The new logo is not as acceptable as before

Hamilton Vettel The new logo is not as acceptable as before

28 Nov 2017 at 06:08pm
World best Hamilton believes the new F1logo is not as acceptable as it acclimated to be.

The new logo was not able-bodied accustomed by fans, and Hamilton said afterwards the agenda war on Sunday that the new architectonics was not as appropriate as the old one.

"I anticipate we had a actual iconic logo," said Hamilton. "Imagine Ferrari alteration their logo, or Mercedes alteration their logo."

"I do not anticipate the new one is as iconic, but maybe we'll get acclimated to it."

Vettel of Ferrari added: "I like it better."

Hornets aggregation baton Jon Horner said he understands that Liberty Media Accumulation wants a new angel and believes that the success of the new logo will be advised by F1's business.

"I acknowledge to this? If this can accompany added money, afresh I absolutely like it," Horner said. "Obviously, this is a new management, they will acquaintance the about-face of the brand."

"You can acquire that the owners wish a accomplished new impact, one that can become a attribute of Forza Motorsport 7 Credits today, and I ability Nikki Lauda does not acquire a registered cast of his helmet."

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