xeniaelizabethS: Direct light - (the sun,etc.),direct light directly hits your eye of light from the light sour

Direct light - (the sun,etc.),direct light directly hits your eye of light from the light sour

29 Nov 2017 at 06:27am

Sunny outdoors,if you want to float in the brightness wide range,thousand lumen shade of brightness,high-speed roads and other specific areas,there is a large area,such as the brightness of 6,000 lumens.Brightness following of 3500 lumens,we feel very comfortable to the human eye.When the brightness of direct or reflected light from reaching the 4000 lumens,the human eye will receive light became difficult.nike uk We are the white flash that only glare,in order to see,it tries to efforts to refer to these very bright area.Much of the light entering the eye is decreased because,in order to cause discomfort,we narrowed started.When the brightness reaches 10,000 lumens,light of reason is too your eyes strongly,it will start a completely filter the light.This is such a strong light exposure to bring temporary or permanent blindness too long,can cause damage.Cheap Air Max 90 On sunny days,large-scale snow,we stare into the light in the absence of any protective measures that lead to the light,it can be up to 12,000 lumens of brightness,reflection "snow blindness."You can perceive the light visible to the human eye.We,we often referred to as white light,in other words,please see the visible light emitted from the sun appears to be colorless.In fact,it is a combination of optical frequency mixing that has been colored.All of mixed color of light ?
Nike Air Max 90 Mezczyzn? flux in the visible spectral range,namely,white,is colorless.(For more information,please refer to the principle of light) ??.We have two basic ways to see ?? color.Another method,although intended to absorb all other frequencies of light,reflecting only a specific frequency of light or reflected a plurality of frequencies,one of the methods specified object light The frequency is emitted,for example,it can show is light is that like a neon colors,
Adidas Online Shopthese waves,such as a painted object has been recognized by mixing one color of light,thus It will display the color.For example,yellow light,to see how is the direct target of the frequency of the yellow light,another method may be to absorb light,the green portion of the light mixed after the blue portion and two spectra it refers anti ?? Adidas cheap porsche Bounce S4red light eyes were perceived as yellow light.Speaking of sunglasses associated with the light,the following three types of light are important.Direct light - (the sun,etc.),direct light directly hits your eye of light from the light source.Also a lot of direct light,will now appear the details blur surrounding environment,also to concentrate that it is difficult attention too.Reflection of light - glare of reflected light,in many cases,has a form-based.The reflected light of the reflected light back it will be reflected from the object to the eye.
Nike Shoes Cheap As with direct light,strong reflected light,will be that it is difficult details to appear in perception or object.Snow,water,glass,It is a white sand is a good reflective surface.Diffused light - After repelling the scattered light is directed in multiple directions,so diffusing light,the light does not seem to this particular source such.A typical example is the diffused light shine on top of the city.We are,it is difficult to determine a single source.In the absence of direct light,we can see something,which is a credit for diffusing light.Nike Air Max Drukowania Thea Mezczyzn Nike Free TR Fit Hot Adidas Springblade Razor Women's Air Jordan 6 Retro Women's Air Jordan 6 Retro Adidas ZX10000 men

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