wangkiky: and maintenance are different Carpets are flammable items

and maintenance are different Carpets are flammable items

29 Nov 2017 at 11:58pm
itself will not burn and can stop burning; high-quality PVC floor in the passive ignition of the smoke will not cause harm to the human body, does not produce toxic and harmful gas (according to the figures provided by the security sector : 95% of people who have been injured in a fire are due to toxic fumes and gases from burning.) 5. Waterproof moisture-proof PVC floor because the main component is vinyl
resin, and water affinity, so it is not afraid of water naturally, as long as it is not long-term will not be soaked will not be damaged; and not because of humidity and moldy. 6. Sound-absorbing noise-proof PVC flooring can not be compared with ordinary floor materials, sound-absorbing effect, its sound absorption up to 20 dB, so need quiet environment such as hospital wards, school libraries, lecture hall, Do
not need for high heels and ground percussion sound affect your thinking and annoyance, PVC floor can provide you with a more comfortable, more humane living environment. 7. Antibacterial properties PVC flooring surface through a special antibacterial treatment, the vast majority of bacteria have a strong ability to kill and inhibit bacterial growth. 8. Seamless welding special color PVC sheet flooring by
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