simon: You have to learn humility

You have to learn humility

6 Dec 2017 at 01:03am
Football tells you that living in this world, must not be narcissistic, arrogant people. Because no matter how powerful you are, a person's strength is like a sea chestnut, you also need teammates cooperation, only eleven people together to cross the shade field stack difficulties. Life is the case, you can not spend the sea of time, the boat of youth, to reach the other side of life.

Football, eleven people on the field together, field, fans, coaches, fitness division, nutritionists, substitutes and so on are sincere cooperation Football tells us that behind the scenes and the performance of the stage before the same important. We are in life, if the spotlight, we must remember that there is not much behind the help and support of the latter, you will not come to this step, you have to learn humility.

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