lolgavip: Ferrari warned threatened to withdraw we are serious

Ferrari warned threatened to withdraw we are serious

6 Dec 2017 at 05:51pm
Malfoy, the president of Ferrari, said Ferrari's threat of withdrawing F1 after 2020 remains serious, despite Alfa Romeo's agreement with Sauber.

Malchow insisted his concerns about the future direction of Formula F1 have not changed.

"Our conversations are evolving and we still have some time to find ways to resolve the differences between us," said Malchow.

"Our position is clear: Our agreement with Sauber will expire in 2020, just in case Ferrari (after that) is not on Formula One."

"The possibilities are serious. The differences are not small, but both Cheshire and I believe we should find an agreement on the future of the campaign."

"We've made it very clear that FM7 Credits Ferrari can not give up: the importance of R & D is very much for us and we can not make the difference from a technical perspective and make them the same."

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