stebenda: Overview - Reflective School in SP 5

Overview - Reflective School in SP 5

7 Dec 2017 at 01:29am
On 30 October in the Primary School No. 5 took place a solemn summary of the contest "Reflective school", where we invited representatives of the Police District Headquarters. Miss Katarina and Maria - Gaga reminded the students of the principles of safe driving on the roads and handed diplomas and awards to the winners of the competitions, which took place from September to October.

In contrast, class Imia, under the care of Mrs. Kristina, prepared a presentation with valuable advice on how to be visible on the road. Together with our younger and older colleagues we learned rhymes: "Are there any reflective vest in Locus or in Nod?"

Parents of students were reminded of the "Open Day" of the amended Road Traffic Law, which requires all pedestrians to use reflective elements.
"Five" Locus promoted initiatives to reduce traffic hazards through numerous competitions, and provided all students with safety vest and reflective elements.

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