sellsexdolls: Sex dolls fill the void in real life

Sex dolls fill the void in real life

21 Feb 2023 at 07:00pm
Sex dolls fill the void in real life
With the rapid development of "artificial intelligence", robotic sex doll have developed a variety of applications. For example, now "AI's physical dolls" have been transformed from human forms into intriguing entities. If others have not seen the real human doll, first think about the identity of this person, and then, some people in order to compensate for the sense of emptiness of real life, may choose to buy this robot-shaped doll.
Particularly suitable for the elderly living alone, they basically do not take the initiative to mention the pain they once suffered with their loved ones, and in the case of life's problems, they can not seek solutions in the first place.They are afraid of rejection, loneliness and depression, all of which can be solved with a few sex dolls. Now scientists in the UK have discovered that robots can not only provide long-term care, but can also make "physical MOZU Doll of AI" that can help elderly people living alone get rid of loneliness.

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Sex dolls are a kind of redemption for the elderly in their later years
Although adult 6YE Doll are often thought of as humanoid toys designed by singles to solve their sexual and psychological problems, they are also a salvation for the elderly and disabled as they enter their old age. The most important thing to do with the elderly is to have personal dignity. Older people's greatest fear is being considered useless. The difficulty of talking about sex, combined with not knowing who to talk to, makes sex the most urgent yet most neglected topic for older people.
The reality of sex dolls, on the one hand, like partners to bring invisible and unseen care to the elderly, so that their bodies release a pleasant hormone; on the other hand, their company is also to add a little fun and color to the life of the elderly. It makes parents turn their attention away from their children as if they had given birth to another child.

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Sex dolls serve as temporary safe havens for humans
For example, a lifelike robot can chat with you, so as to reduce their loneliness and improve their time with reality. ai physical dolls are still good aids. In everyday life, intimacy between people is hard to find, so having a real AI physical doll to keep you company can make people feel loved.
Compared to Asia, Europe and other countries, in the global doll, the United States is the largest market. Even Asian countries like South Korea and Japan are no exception, and many consumers buy sex dolls. In the United States, although some Asians are not interested in sex dolls, especially the younger generation, the demand for dolls is always very high. .

As more Irontech Doll hit the market, their acceptance is increasing. Among the many children's products, silicone dolls have become the first choice for their softness, comfort and other advantages. The improvement in the production process of silicone dolls has also made the dolls more realistic. Now, more and more dolls are starting to be given a variety of different functions. They have more realistic details on their bodies, can be warmed up, and can even achieve mere conversation.

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