xingwang: This counterattack depends on the player absolute speed

This counterattack depends on the player absolute speed

21 Dec 2017 at 06:14pm
The impression he had left before was too profound: power, height, and physical fitness. How to FIFA Coins Manchester United, physical gap? Jose Mourinho reputation, put the bus will inevitably fast-track as a routine, but Manchester United's quick but only slightly harvested in the near future, Lingard's two long-range raid is a prominent example.

This counterattack depends on the player's absolute speed, not the speed at which the ball is transferred. In other words, Manchester United rely on the players to go crazy to fight back, not routines. The real fast in Manchester City. The team after a break the ball, immediately by the birth of Delabuluo countless tricks, a variety of lines, make it impossible to guard against.

Manchester United just rely on individual race 100 meters, may not affect the team's physical energy consumption, not to mention Lin Jiade well-known physical fitness. Dig deep down, Manchester United is actually holding the ball right in front of the field to find a breakthrough in the process, useless too much, the body in the inefficient and non-threatening transfer of premature loss.

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