wangkiky: Steel prices to see the mood, falling prices to see the deal

Steel prices to see the mood, falling prices to see the deal

21 Dec 2017 at 06:38pm
Today, the overall weakness of the domestic steel market is mainly dominated by the billet continuous slight rise in the situation, still did not stop the downward trend. Most of the domestic market today, building materials prices continued the decline yesterday, but the billet and long-term price decline in the case of contraction, the decline slowed down, and the market sentiment improved slightly, prices firm will appear. However, local steel mills in southwest China collectively reduced their prices. Among them, Kunming Iron and Steel, Yukun and Xianfu, and Chenguang Steel cut the prices of building materials by RMB 50 / tonne, making most local traders follow the downward adjustment.PrecisiĆ³n Punzonado Doblado Hoja De Acero Inoxidable Precio 202
The recent tightening of monetary policy has intensified the pressure on commodities. Adjusted for a while after the sharp drop in the futures shock, near the 3000 mark near the long support appears, but the initiative is weak, technically, is still weak, there may continue to decline later. Futures afternoon callback once again affect the spot market psychology, steel prices also appeared differences, businesses increasingly can not read the late market.S31000 precision stainless steel pipe
However, there are several points that deserve our attention. The first is that the Spire-tail is closed with a dozen stars, the night-time market may have a rally, but still need to focus on effective breakthroughs. Followed by a variety of signs from the demand is still cool, especially the corresponding plate manufacturing warmer pick up is not obvious. The third is the increase of steel mills and the increase of market social stock, indicating that the supply pressure has increased.TISCO decorate 304 hot rolled Stainless steel sheet
However, the billet rebounded today, 30 yuan, futures fell significantly narrowed, slightly lower turnover of resource transactions, so tomorrow is expected to stabilize the price of steel bottomed out, there is still upward pressure on the price of domestic steel market today, the downward trend in price decline, Between 50-150 yuan. Building materials all fell. Amplitude 50-150 yuan; hot coil slowed down, the magnitude of 50-80 yuan; plate fell mainly to the extent 30-70 yuan; strip change stabilized each other, the amplitude of 30-50 yuan; tube market fell most. Range of 50-130 yuan.316 Color PVD Hoja decorativa de acero inoxidable

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