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Electric energy

19 Jan 2018 at 01:15am
Low-carbon economy: strong impetus to building energy saving and low power generation.[]Fruit Juice Mixer Pump With Low Voltage And Low Noise[/url]
The use of electric wall hanging furnace heating system (radiator cooling mode) is the premise of building energy saving. Thus, the new promoted and widely used heating means, directly promoted the country 65% of building energy efficiency standards for strict inspection and fall to the ground, []high temperature nitriding vacuum furnace[/url]
and thus to promote the development of China's low carbon buildings. In addition, from the perspective of power use balance, the peak electricity consumption is different from that of night electricity consumption, resulting in the waste of night power. The full utilization of low power can not only increase the low power income of the country, but also reduce the cost of power generation, reduce the price of electricity, save energy, and promote the low carbonization of electric power.[]laboratory heat treatment chamber furnace[/url]

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