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Jaw crusher

21 Feb 2018 at 10:20pm
Jaw crusher, basic crushing equipment in mine crushing equipment. In the process of mining resources development, jaw crusher to large, irregular, hardness large volume of material broken to a reasonable fineness, facilitate the development of the follow-up work process, the development of mining industry is a good helper.
Jaw crusher in the use of sand production line, sand production line, sand making raw material variety, before the sand making machine begins to work, to the material need to be broken, help to improve production efficiency, the working flow of subsequent specific technological process is: jaw crusher will initially broken stone or tailings, again by the secondary crushing equipment for material finely processing again.
The ball mill used in the grinding production line is the main force on the grinding production line, but it also needs the jaw crusher to help it. For materials with relatively high hardness, if the grinding medium of the ball mill is relatively large, it should be broken as much as possible. The material is broken by the jaw crusher, and then the grinding work is carried out to optimize the whole operation process.
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