weisheng3302: A Sleep Routine Timeline For Your Baby That Works

A Sleep Routine Timeline For Your Baby That Works

25 Apr 2016 at 08:33am

A newborn child is the greatest gift that parents can ask for but it can also be a stressful time adjusting to a baby. Your lifestyle completely changes and your level of sleep is drastically reduced. You are never going to get a normal pre-baby sleep after the child is born but by identifying patterns and getting the baby into a good sleeping routine, it can greatly help.

Not two infants are the same when looking at the amount of sleep they need, and when during the day they need it. But our timeline gives you an indication of the standard amount of sleep they need at a certain again, and how their nap patterns alter as time goes on.

When a child is first born, their stomach will determine their sleep pattern. They typically need around 7-8 hours michael kors watches australia during the day and 8 hours at night. You can't expect too much of a consistent pattern at the start, with the newborn waking after a few minutes or a few hours, depending on when their tummy needs feeding.

One Month Old
By this age, your child usually starts to distinguish between day and night. Although they will sleep a lot still during the day, you will find they sleep more at night. Generally 6.5-7 hours during the day and 8.5-9 hours at night.

Three Months Old
The difference between day and night will becoming even more pronounced by michael kors bags australia this stage, meanining it is a good time to try and establish a sleep routine. They will sleep for around 5 hours during the day (usually with 2 or 3 naps) and around 10 hours at night (usually in two stretches). Getting them into a pattern will be helpful moving forward.

Six Months Old
Daytime naps are generally reduced to one in the morning and one in the afternoon by this stage of a babies life. Most won't sleep for more than a few hours during the day. Although if your child is napping 3 or 4 times this is not a bad thing. The majority of 6 month old babies will sleep through the night although some will still wake up during the night.

One Year Old
A toddler of this age will usually have one to two naps in the day totalling 2 hours. If they have trouble getting to sleep this could be due to separation anxiety which is totally normal. At night time they will sleep for 10 to 11 hours and can sometimes michael kors outlet sleep all through the night without waking.

Eighteen Months to Two Years Old
Your young child will sleep for around an hour and a half during the day, with the naps being later in the day. Lunchtime and afternoon naps are common, but shorter than previous ages, and usually only just the one. Eleven hours sleep at night is common and at this age they might sneak out of their bed once you've tucked them in, so expect to get bothered by a restless toddler at this age.

These time frames are not set in stone and as mentioned above, every child is different. However they can give you an estimate of what to expect and help plan a routine that fits into your lifestyle, and benefits you, your partner and your child.
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