cigspriced: Princess Stephanie of Monaco at Royal Wedding Pictures

Princess Stephanie of Monaco at Royal Wedding Pictures

20 Jun 2018 at 02:44am
Louis Ducruet, Pauline Ducruet, Princess Stephanie of Monaco and Camille Gotlieb attend the religious ceremony of the Royal Wedding of Prince Albert II of Monaco to Princess Charlene of Monaco in the main courtyard at the Prince Palace on July 2 Cheap Cigarettes For Sale Online, 2011 in Monaco. The Roman-Catholic ceremony follows the civil wedding which was held in the Throne Room of the Prince Palace of Monaco on July 1 Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes. With her marriage to the head of state of the Principality of Monaco, Charlene Wittstock has become Princess consort of Monaco and gains the title, Princess Charlene of Monaco. Celebrations including concerts and firework displays are being held across several days, attended by a guest list of global celebrities and heads of state Newport Cigarettes For Sale. (Getty Images)more pics Princess Stephanie (Getty Images) Princess Stephanie of Monaco and her children Louis and Pauline came out for the religious royal wedding ceremony of Prince Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock today Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes.

The princess looked gorgeous in a light pink dress and shawl Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, while her kids were both dressed well for the ceremony. Yesterday Albert and Charlene got married in a civil wedding, and today the festivities continued at the Prince Palace.

Charlene is now a princess herself and her title will be Princess Charlene of Monaco. The partying will continue today wtih concerts and fireworks and plenty of pomp and circumstance. This wedding isn nearly as epic as Prince William back in April, but it pretty darn close -- in Monaco, at least.related article : Buy Cigarettes Online Usa Free Shipping
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