qocsuing: Likee creators showcase talent & spread joy on Eid

Likee creators showcase talent & spread joy on Eid

21 Mar 2023 at 07:54pm
Likee creators showcase talent & spread joy on Eid

During the long weekend, creators on Likee, a global short-video platform, showcased their talent by posting unique content about the celebrations and fun they shared with their followers, family and friends during Eid-ul-Adha — a festive time that begins at the end of the Hajj pilgrimage.To get more news about top up likee, you can visit topuplive.com official website.

During the Eid holidays, social media was filled with content from users who participated in relevant challenges to celebrate the spirit of Eid whilst demonstrating generosity and fun. On Likee, creators were eager to communicate their happiness and produced different types of relatable content that inspired positivity in their followers from both the MENA region and around the world.

“It is incredible to see quality content foster social connections and a sense of both community and unity between people,” said Gibson Yuen, head of Likee global operations. “Users are benefiting from past traditions and new technologies to spread positive emotions as well as taking time to show how they and their families celebrated Eid-ul-Adha this year. We are excited to watch more creators continue promoting their creativity and talent along with good virtue and kindness on Likee for the rest of 2022.”

Likee creators used different hashtags such as #Eid_Year and #memes_imitation to capture the spirit of Eid, showcase their talent and make it a joyful occasion.

The #Eid_Year hashtag generated more than 6.6 million views over the past week. Likee creators showcased their talent and created unique messages that were specific to both Eid and Likee.

Creators @ShireenAlame, @6090311159 and @Hasan_Alrsam all took to Likee to wish their followers a very happy Eid, whilst encouraging them to participate in the sticker challenge and join in the celebrations.

For the #memes_imitations hashtag, users were encouraged to participate in a sticker challenge where they had to imitate the meme that was displayed on the screen. The hashtag challenge proved to be a success as it generated more than 2.4 million views over the past week.

Likee creators were able to generate a significant number of views with their imitations and were also instrumental in encouraging more users to participate in this fun and light-hearted challenge.

Each one of us comes from a unique cultural and geographic background, but that is not a barrier to making close friendships with one another. “Likers” proved that people around the world can participate in the same activities and imitate traditions even though they grew up in completely different environments. Embracing these similarities will not only help us relate to and sympathize with each other but to also stand together for good causes.

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