PhyllisHeny: Available for what actions in DaD offers the most EXP

Available for what actions in DaD offers the most EXP

23 Mar 2023 at 08:40pm
In the first place, getting leveled up Dark and Darker works exactly the way one would imagine. When a character is leveled up, they can gain access to previously unlocked features and mechanics. However unlike other games, being able to level up in Dark And Darker Gold does not mean that the stats are raised, at least not at the moment. There's an Class Training tab in the game, but it's not accessible.

It's believed by players that this is why they'll have the ability to improve certain stats, like Agility or Strength (depending on the top stats that their class has) as they progress. This is where the majority of the diversity in 'build' could come into play and create a more distinct character. For instance: Barbarians could build into pure tankiness or raw damage.

Wizards can build their spells for Spell casting speed or Spell Damage or some combination of both. Wizards can spec their skills into raw Agility to gain quick loot or Strength for greater damage per attack. Of of course, this is only possible because currently, every leveling system gives the players more perk slots which are 1 by default and 2 at level 5. 3. when they reach level 10. then finally 4 at level 15. In addition there's not any kind of monetary reward for levels, and especially beyond level 15.

After having the general notions understood, where can novice Dark and Darker players go to earn EXP? There are many methods to accomplish this. The most obvious way is to enter the dungeon, and then take out NPC enemies and other players. However there are lots more actions to will grant EXP apart from this. These actions all grant EXP which, in turn, will answer any concerns players may have regarding why someone within their group was getting higher levels than they did.

There aren't any figures yet available for what actions in DaD offers the most EXP, particularly since this is likely to be changed between the alpha release and the release. However, some players have observed that certain actions trigger your EXP bar to rise quite significantly, for example: escaping the Dungeon via an Blue Portal. Intensely exploring the Cheap DAD Gold Dungeon via the Red Portal. The boss is defeated at the bottom in this floor. Red Portal floor.

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