freemexy: Putuo providing world gateway to China International Import Expo

Putuo providing world gateway to China International Import Expo

31 Jan 2019 at 11:34pm

PUTUO District, the western gateway of Shanghai, is making full preparations to welcome visitors from all around the world for the upcoming first China International Import Expo.Though the district does not serve as the main site for the expo, it aims to showcase its many advantages.To get more Putuo District news, you can visit shine news official website.

The district, in the western downtown, is featured by its regional superiority. The region is an important gateway to connect other Yangtze River Delta cities and influence the whole country. Five Metro lines in operation — Line 3, 4, 7, 11 and 13 — and two lines currently under-construction — the planned Line 20 and 22 — run through the district.

The intercity high-speed railway between Shanghai and Nanjing in neighboring Jiangsu Province, interchanges with many of the city’s Metro lines at the Shanghai West Railway Station. The Hongqiao traffic hub is 10 kilometers away from Putuo, while the Pudong airport is 50 kilometers away.

The district along the Suzhou Creek is also full of cultural resources. A 14.3-kilometer-long section of the creek, known as the “mother river” of the city, runs through Putuo. Over 20 features of the area’s industrial heritage, such as the city’s earliest flour and match plants as well as its first beer brewery, can be seen along the 18 bays of the creek. The riverside region was once the birthplace of China’s national industry.

In recent years, Putuo has been integrating technological and innovative power into its transformation of industrial structures. It focuses on key projects such as the Taopu Smart City, Shanghai Scientific Finance Industry Zone, Zhenru Sub-Center and Changshou commerce and business zone, while driving key industries such as intelligent software, research and development services and scientific finance.

Thirteen national research institutes, 19 industrial parks and 79 key office buildings are based in Putuo. It has attracted many regional headquarters of companies on commerce and trade such as METRO, Carrefour and NGS Supermarket Group. The Global Harbor Mall in Putuo has become the largest downtown shopping mall and a recreational landmark.
Putuo has widely promoted the expo among enterprises and encouraged them to actively participate in the event. The retail giant Metro, Fumanjia, Yuexing Group and other companies have joined the Shanghai Trade Group’s four major buyer alliances.

An innovation and design forum themed on “Design makes better life” has been selected as one of the supplement events to the expo and will be held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center on November 8. The forum is jointly organized by the Yuexing Group and the Designers Committee of the Furniture and Decoration Industry Association under the National Federation of Industry and Commerce.

The district’s commerce committee also helped to realize the city’s ambition to make the expo without an ending. It has supported the business and commerce headquarters to set up perennial trading platforms for high-quality imported products, along with the new products launching platform.

Two platforms, the cross-border e-commerce public service platform of Shanghai Northwest Logistics Park and the Oriental International Import Commodity Country Exhibition Center, have been selected as permanent exhibition and trade platforms for the expo.

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