Dinhvand123: Controversy Surrounding Dark and Darker Continues

Controversy Surrounding Dark and Darker Continues

22 Aug 2023 at 08:47pm
Developer Ironmace has announced that its upcoming RPG, Dark and Darker, will be published by Chaf Games. Chaf Games is referred to as Ironmace’s “official partner” on the Darker Gold game’s Discord server, assisting in the preparation for its launch.

Chaf Games’ website now includes Dark and Darker among its range of products. The publisher is known for publishing games such as The Knight Witch by Super Mega Team and the Stealth series by Curve Studios.

Dark and Darker had previously been removed from Steam in March due to allegations from Nexon, accusing Ironmace of using in-game assets without permission. The game was delisted from Nexon’s slate following the accusations, although Ironmace denied the claims and expressed its intention to work on getting the game reinstated on Steam. In the meantime, players were advised to use a torrent link in order to access the game.

Presently, Dark and Darker is available for purchase on Chaf Games’ website and there are indications that it may soon be released as an Early Access title, potentially as early as August 7th.

The implications of this new development on Dark and Darker’s return to Steam remain uncertain. Steam may decide against relisting the game while Nexon pursues legal action against Ironmace.

Game Developer has reached out to Ironmace for comment and will provide an update once a response is received.

Controversy Surrounding Dark and Darker Continues

Dark and Darker, the game developed by Ironmace Studio, is set for a surprise launch today, despite an ongoing legal battle with publisher Nexon. However, potential buyers should be aware that purchasing the game at this stage is not advisable and comes with inherent risks.

The controversy surrounding Dark and Darker started with a series of conflicts, including a cease and desist letter and a DMCA takedown notice from Nexon, leading to the game being removed from Steam. Ironmace Studio even encouraged fans to buy Darker Gold participate in the game’s playtest by torrenting it, which further fueled Nexon’s suspicions of stolen code and assets. These suspicions were compounded by the fact that half of Ironmace’s development team were former Nexon employees.

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