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JustFog MiniFit Review

14 May 2019 at 12:01am
JustFog MiniFit Review
The MiniFit is a pod system made by justfog vape company. If you are a cigarette smoker trying to quit smoking and start vaping, then the MiniFit is the perfect fit for you, with its ultra-small size and great functionality. After 20 years of heavy smoking, me and a couple of friends quit smoking using the MiniFit, so I really know what I am talking about.

The MiniFit comes with a sleek, ultra-small, and anodized-alloy body with 5 color options (black, red, silver, blue and bronze). The air flow system, LEDs indicator, battery, charging slot, and the pod are perfectly placed and designed.

The MiniFit has a built-in C601 Li-ion battery with a capacity of 370 mAh, which is very small, but expected due to its ultra-small size. The battery will last 1-3 hours in case of normal use, but it will be charged super-fast (15-20 min.). You can charge it by simply by plugging the micro-usb cable into the bottom of the device, and attach the other end to any power supply not exceeding 1A. Rincoe The battery has 3 LEDs indicators to show the charging level, which I think is a great feature that we all need.

The C601 battery delivers constant voltage to maintain the functionality of the device regardless of the remaining power in it, so till the end of the charging you will enjoy the same vaping experience and flavor. It also comes with smart protection functions to avoid: short circuits, overheating, over discharge, and over voltage charging.The capacity of the pod is 1.5 ml, which is small, but again, this is the best you can get with a pod of that size. Personally, I love the sleek design of the pod and drip tip. The pod is to be re-filled from its bottom, but the liquid inlet is slightly small. It could be enlarged a little bit.

The Mini-Fit pod comes with a built-in coil with a resistance is 1.6 ohms, and I have been using it for couple of weeks, and I really appreciate the amount of vapor and quality of flavor I am getting from the MiniFit pod. It should be noted that the coil of the MiniFit is rebuildable (i.e. you can re-wick and re-install it), but it is very hard to do it, due to its ultra-small size, so it is better to change and buy a new one.u2022eney7485yyWEEEEDD

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