freemexy: Entrepreneurs find fertile ground in Songjiang

Entrepreneurs find fertile ground in Songjiang

30 May 2019 at 06:12am
Entrepreneurs find fertile ground in Songjiang

Once a humble researcher and teacher, Yang Ruijun is today president of CSG Smart Science and Technology, a leading enterprise in the fields of artificial intelligence, industrial robots, smart logistics and smart electric.To get more songjiang, you can visit shine news official website.

“As a pioneer of technology innovation, I always believe in innovatively serving customers’ needs and persist in achieving that,” he says.

Years of study and training at military school and work experience on some of China’s major military high-tech projects at the Jiuquan satellite base in Gansu Province and in Nanjing, Yang, at the age of 48, has grown into a man with great self-discipline, strong learning motivation and the strength of will to overcome all obstacles.

In 2002, he joined CSG as head of its technological development department, in charge of scientific research in communication automation. At the time, CSG was only engaged in the power automation industry.

In 2013, at the turning point of reconstruction and transformation, CSG marched into the artificial intelligence and robot industry. The company had gone public in 2011 and Yang, as one of the members who took part in the listing process, went from being a technician to a manager.

“It was no easy job at first but the military training experience taught me strong adaptability. A qualified corporate leader should have enough foresight, communicative skills, learning ability and a holistic, global view,” Yang says.

Songjiang-based CSG has become one of the leading solution providers of industrial intelligence with offices, factories, subsidiaries and R&D centers in China, Asia and Europe.

In a CSG-equipped smart factory, industrial robots work in harmony with humans, helping to shorten the product development and delivery cycle, and provide intelligent operational services, making human-machine collaboration more efficient.

They are capable of transferring goods, assembling parts, welding and polishing.The products are widely used in many fields such as vehicles and the military, with clients including Volkswagen and Ford.

“CSG is one of few Chinese enterprises which can break the long-term monopoly of mainstream car makers with foreign high-end robots in the welding production line,” Yang says.

It also has specialized inspection robots for tunnels, power distribution stations and substations with independent navigation, positioning and charging functions.At last year’s Singles Day shopping festival, express delivery speed was improved thanks to the automated warehouses of various e-commerce platforms equipped with robots working round the clock.

CSG makes its contribution to online shopping and the Internet economy with its smart logistics and smart storage.“They reduce handling costs, making it more efficient with higher stability and sustainability. We not only manufacture related equipment, but also offer solutions to optimize storage space,” Yang says.

A smart warehouse features an intelligent sorting system, supply units, automatic code scanning systems and automated guided vehicles that shuttle back and forth between shelves.

“This is a new growing business for CSG. It’s still in a startup stage currently, but we estimate it has the greatest potential in future,” Yang says.Last April, CSG’s first artificial intelligence robot Amika made its debut, showing the company’s ambition to get a head start in the hot battlefield of “Artificial Intelligence + Healthcare.”

The Amika health consultant robot is able to give a diagnosis after people input their symptoms, and search for the right medicine from its big data links with the city’s major drugstores. Users’ health information can be acquired and stored, after big data analysis, and the robot sets up health files and gives tailor-made, proper healthcare suggestions for clients.

Another new medical robot — the medical image analysis robot — can teach itself through large numbers of imaging and diagnostic data, assisting doctors to analyze medical images more precisely. The robot can greatly improve the accuracy of early-stage diagnosis for chronic diseases and their effective treatment.

“CSG is in the top tier among China-grown industrial robot makers, but we’re still left behind by foreign makers. China’s research and development capability is weak and the environment for intellectual property protection is not good enough.

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