ninawu: Self-actualization is the highest human need

Self-actualization is the highest human need

17 Jun 2019 at 01:49am
Self-actualization is the highest human need. With self-actualization, people are maximizing their potential and enhancing their self-concept. Self-concepts are based on values. Your values define who you think you are, what you believe in, your attitudes, and the things you like to do. To motivate a person at the level of self-actualization, appeal to their highest values.

To know someone's values, get to know the person. Ask people about themselves and listen. A few years ago I was an Area Governor in my local Toastmasters district. I reported to Evelyn Jane Burgay, one of the most motivating leaders I've known. She was an outstanding District Governor. She and her seeing-eye dog, Duchess, were welcome everywhere they went. was blind, she had a remarkable way of seeing how people were "on the inside." She once told me "You have to know what makes people tick." She somehow figured out that I liked learning new things. When she called me to work on a special project she did not say "Judy, I have a job for you." Instead she said Newport cigarettes official website "Judy, I have a learning opportunity for you." She usually got people to say "Yes."

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