ninawu: Match the person to the task

Match the person to the task

17 Jun 2019 at 01:50am

You compliment people when you ask them to take on a task that matches or expands their skills. People enjoy showing off what they know. Again, to make the match, get to know people. Find out about their experience, education, hobbies, and training. If you are organizing a team or committee, make sure the members have a good mix of talents and strengths. Some people work well with little supervision, while some expect routine guidance. Some like working with technical details, while others like working with global concepts. Some excel in the limelight, while some work well behind the scenes. Structure your group with diversity and balance.

3. Define project tasks and communicate them clearly

Clearly communicate to each team member the purpose of the project, his or her responsibilities, and the schedule. Specify and quantify what you expect for the final outcome and/or interim products. Example: "We need 100 copies of Newport cigarettes an eight-page report by September 1." Give people outlines, checklists, and diagrams.

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