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19 Jul 2019 at 08:35pm
I wanted to write this article on the bed, pick up the phone and the computer, helpless, sad reminder, the phone fell on the ground, I picked it up and saw that it was broken! Ah, my heart hurts! Please forgive my waywardness and like the state of emptying the brain. I have never traveled alone. After this trip in Shanghai, I also decided to go with my lover or go by myself. At 2 o'clock in the morning, the KFC next to the Nanjing Railway Station has been sitting for a long time. It is all waiting for the car. The baggage of the big bag covers the table and the bench. The mobile phone has no power, so I regret not taking the book, even if I have to take the space. Well, remember. Do you think that I am a pseudo-literary art, yes, "I am a pseudo-literary art, really youthful" - big eyes. She, I can't describe her sometimes. You can say that she is weak, but she is strong; you can say that she is petite Cheap Cigarettes, but she is very strong. She is stubborn, she engages in xiao, she is spoiled, she is nervous, she talks very quickly, many people will tell her after repeating it, I am also drunk. Her sensibility is better than rationality. She will see where Dad is going to cry and tell me the content; she will see the film touching and crying. A strong girl needs someone to take care of it. I met her eight years ago and lived together every day. When I was in junior high school, I was crying in my classmates, and I was afraid of losing her. I cried so I didn't think about the beginning and the end of the matter Newport Cigarettes. I didn't feel that the second person had given me. Even if he broke up with me, I also cried myself and cried. I will adjust the state quickly, and it will leave me without affecting me. But she, my best friend in this life, I can't be indifferent. I am writing this essay, I really can't let her see it, because her writing is very good, very good. The article she wrote in junior high school showed me that my level has also improved. Although it is still like this, everyone should not spray me, I will laugh. Haha. Many of her understandings are puzzling. When the class is in class, the opinions on the film are always inconsistent with the teacher. Perhaps this is her charm. No, being restrained, will not be affected. Have your own ideas, your own opinions. When she was in junior high school, she often listened to "the third party's third party", "Reluctant" at that time, saying that youth is not going to go out, buying a bookmark for Confucius, writing a test into the high school, putting it in the box, maybe sad ending It will be impressive, we are all separated, you are at his school, I am there. It may have been convinced that this friendship will always be maintained, so when choosing a school, obey the arrangements at home. We were also difficult to see for more than a month. I don't have QQ, no mobile phone. It seems to be broken, but when I meet again, I still see it like I saw it yesterday. Hanging through the Han Street when I was in junior high school, I walked through those or with Fan, and walked through those Senma, Meikesbonwe. Talking about the recent events, the new classmates who know each other, laughing and talking, that good, I can��t forget it. She said that we will always be together, forever. The choreographer is that she took me in. Let me fall in love with radio and television directors, photography, movies... She is the direction card of my life. Finally, we all came to Nanjing, the city that people want to go home. I remember the first time I went to the Nanjing exam, my head was groggy and I was sick. Walking with them and eating, the warm street lights made me feel that I was in Pei County. Later I told her that she still said that she could not understand. We lived in Xinjiekou, the most prosperous area of ??Nanjing. We passed Deji Square every day and saw Dior, Gucci... laughing without saying. We all remember what we said before, "You have a child in the future, I have a milk powder package." I took advantage of the beautiful blueprint that was outlined at that time. All this has been broken by the ruthlessness of society. You were beaten because of the maintenance of the children and the city management, and the neck was fixed. At that time, you were very angry. The justice in your heart thought that society would reward me with justice, but the officials and officials told you to see some people and things. At that time, I only reported the injustice for you. Now I admire your courage, really. Your little body, the hidden energy can't be underestimated. Later, you have the person who guards you. I am a true blessing mokingusacigarettes.com. It��s been a long time, I��m used to the sweetness of both of you, the quarrel between you Newport 100S. The three of us are in Nanjing Wholesale Cigarettes, thank you for being so that I will not feel lonely. Remember that you said to me, "You are looking for a real good for you. This is very important. I don't want you to suffer for him again. I smiled and said, "Yes, yes, of course. I must find someone like this." As a companion, accompany you through the spring, summer, autumn and winter, accompany you through the life, I am waiting for him, but it seems not ideal. Four people forever, you and I are big J, say good forever, I have been together all the time. I have attached the log you wrote in high school, and then look back, we are still together with "Little Age" for five years. It is finally over. We have been from the first day to the present for exactly five years. I love "Little Times" and they are four. A girl. Although I didn��t see the ending, I know that no matter how they end, they all love each other. How can we support each other so far? Sometimes I don��t understand that there are many differences in personality. Now we are all grown up. A lot of things can't be decided. I'm afraid that we have experienced so much.
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