freeamfva: Multimeter Test Leads

Multimeter Test Leads

28 Nov 2021 at 10:16pm
Multimeter Test Leads

The Banana plug test probes are used with multimeters, power supplies, and other electrical gear. This economic set is perfect for replacing worn out or lost test leads. These Multimeter Test Leads can also be a great back up to bring with you in case of on-site emergencies. The test leads work with basic multimeters with standard input jacks. Color coded for proper testing, these test leads provide proper safe testing for multimeters.Get more news about banana test probes,you can vist our website!

Replacement Test Leads, Fits most Meter with Banana Plug Ends.
This 55cm Long Test Leads are perfect for testing electronics with multimeters and other instruments.
Net Weight: 26g; Package Content: 2 x Multimeters Probe
Main Color: Black, Red; Probe Length: 10cm/4"
Cable Total Length: 55cm/21.7"; Plug Diameter(Max): 4mm/0.16"
Connector Type: Banana Plugs, Testing Pin

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