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Motorcycle Safety Tips

1 Aug 2019 at 12:18am
Did you know that one-third of traffic deaths are from motorcyclists? Anyone who drives this type of vehicle should take extra care and attention to traffic rules. Therefore, the São Paulo State Traffic Department brings some safety tips.

One of the most important guidelines is the use of the helmet. Besides being an important safety measure, it is the law: its use avoids a fine of R $ 293.47 and seven points in the CNH (National Driver's License). The use of the helmet is mandatory for the rider and passenger who cannot even be carried out of the seat or be under the age of seven.

Motorcyclists should also wear a visor helmet or goggles. No walking with the visor up because the item protects your eyesight against rocks and insects, for example, that can hit the driver's eye.

Another important tip is not to drive the motorcycle towing another vehicle, carrying an incompatible load or not holding the handlebar with both hands. In these three cases, the fine for non-compliance is R $ 195.23 and yields five points in the CNH.

The motorcycle also needs to be on safety items on time. Driving the vehicle with the headlights off is a very serious offense, yielding a fine of $ 293.47 and seven points in the license. Giving the arrow when changing lanes or directions, walking within the speed limit of the road, not using the mobile phone and respecting the pedestrian are obligatory for the rider.

Driving with proper footwear, proper attire (like light/reflective clothing sew on reflective tape or reflective material) and behavior, to ensure safety and tranquility in traffic, are key attitudes to prevent accidents and deaths.

The main one is not to drive the vehicle wearing shoes that do not rest on the feet or compromise the use of the pedals. Examples include slippers, sandals, clogs, and heels. In this situation, it is best to drive barefoot.

On the motorcycle, it is necessary to have closed shoes. Clothing must also be appropriate and approved by the National Traffic Council. Professional motorcyclists should have their reflective vests visible.

Another important posture is to keep your distance, as with summer rains the track tends to be slippery.

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