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3 Aug 2019 at 12:23am
Because of senile constipation, it takes a long time to sit on the toilet every day. If there are no books or magazines on hand, the thoughts will be like wild horses, often facing the white walls and the spotless ceilings, and unexpectedly remember those long-term years. When I was a child, the toilet in my hometown was called Mao Cylinder. As the name implies, a large ceramic tank is placed in the low thatched shed. The lower half of the pottery tank is buried in the ground. The exposed part of the pot is about three or forty centimeters. Sitting on the edge of the tank when sitting in the toilet is like sitting on the chest of the tank Marlboro Cigarettes. It feels slightly higher than the current toilet. In the autumn, the urns of the ponds are mostly covered with vines of lentils, and red lentils are hung on the vines. The hygienic condition is extremely poor. Except for the very unpleasant smell, the squatting tank is still tumbling in the stern, and countless green-headed flies are also screaming around, even on the vine leaves of lentils. Full of spotted flies. What is worse than this kind of Mao tank is the open-air Mao tank. There are no sheds in the open-air Mao tank. Sometimes there are several people in the same open space. Because the manure of humans and animals is a precious fertilizer at that time, whether they are in the cold wind of the cheekbones or in the sun in the hot sun, they would rather freeze their purple buttocks and not run. Go to other people's homes to put fertilizer into the fields. In the morning rush hour, there will be several people sitting in the open-air huts of the group, and occasionally there are some elderly and generous women who will be indiscriminately mixed with them and show them in vain. The fat buttocks of most women use the toilet. In the rural areas of northern Jiangsu, the toilets used by women are all endless barrels. The common name is Da Mazi. There are three brass hoops on the big horse. The barrel is painted with enamel paint and antique. Da Mazi is an indispensable dowry for a married daughter. No matter how poor her family is, he can't afford any dowry, but he can't have no toilet. Also in line with the Malaysian horse is a pony hoop made of wood, which is intended for future children. The big and small horses are collectively called "children's buckets". At that time, the poor family��s daughters were mostly refurbished, and the toilets used by the previous generation were repainted, and the copper hoops were polished. The big horses are placed on the pedals in front of the bed mokingusacigarettes.com. The old-fashioned rule is that a man sleeping on the bed heads east, because the east is "top." The woman must head to the west to sleep, put a light cabinet on the pedal of the man, and the horse is placed on the woman's head. In order to prevent the odor from escaping due to the poor sealing of the toilet lid, the woman who is careful will often sew a mat with a cloth removed from the old clothes, and the mat is called Mabu. The Malaysian horse is usually dumped once a day. The cleaned Malaysian horse must be dried outside to reach the end of the room. From the old and new level of the toilet outside, it can be roughly judged how many years the daughter-in-law has been coming over. . Sometimes, because of busy farming or continuous rain, it will not be a toilet for several days, and when you walk into the room, you will smell a scent. In the 1950s, when I was in Shanghai, I found that the men there used to use toilets. The toilets used by Shanghai people were a kind of bucket with a handle. At that time, housing in Shanghai was particularly tense, and some people lived in a room with only a dozen square meters. A toilet placed behind the bed with a curtain is the restroom of the whole family. Every morning when the morning is bright, the residents upstairs and downstairs must squat the toilet to the hall of the alley to wait for the suburban vegetable farmers to collect the waste truck. Some people occasionally overslept their heads and missed the time when the toilet was dumped. The toilet filled with feces will be suffocated in the room for a whole night, but that kind of situation is rare. People are used to it every day. This is a required course. The vegetable farmers in the suburbs pulled the droppings of a car back into a large septic tank. After a while, it became a good vegetable fertilizer. At that time, the vegetables were all green and pollution-free. After the bell-carrying sewer car passed, the sound of the toilet brushed up next to the common tap of the alley. After the sun rose, the rows of rows of toilets that were drying in the sun became a special scene in the alleys of Shanghai at that time. In the past, the public toilets in Shanghai were also used for toilets, but the oversized toilets were lifted by two talents. They are all in a small room with seven or eight toilets leaning against the wall. On the toilet at the peak of the morning, people sit on the toilet. Although the smell is not flattering, people are still very leisurely pumping. Inferior cigarettes talk to each other about the shortness of the parents. The toilet in the public toilet is also only once a day, and the toilet has no lid. Therefore, if you have to visit that place at night, the smell inside is even more imaginable. In the rural areas of the northwest, people call the latrines a huts. Usually there is a small earthen house in the corner of the yard. The ground in the house is covered with dry soil, and there is a dry mound in the corner of the house. When people squatted on the ground, they used the dry soil on the pile to cover the faeces. After a while, the dry soil was pulled into the field with a ox cart for fertilizer. If the man in the house is hardworking and meticulous, the sanitary conditions in the cottage are not too bad, and there is no smell outside, because the feces are buried in a large amount of dry soil, and the water and smell are absorbed into the dry soil. Inside. If the family has a large population and there is no shortage of dry soil, the yard will smell bad smells. The public toilets in the northwest are even worse. Usually, a deep pit is dug on the ground Marlboro Lights, and several pits are opened on the side of the pit. There are low earth walls around them. The feces in the toilet will not be transported until they are naturally dried. The smell of the nose can be heard hundreds of meters away. In the cold winter, the kind of toilet will be more uncomfortable. Because it is an open pit, the cold wind of the bones will be drilled from the pit, and the lower body will be frozen in a while. I heard that there was another ridiculous story in the public toilet of a "five-seven" school, saying that two "rightists" were accompanying the toilet, and the student A said casually: "Cold wind blows the ass" Participant B shuns the last sentence, "The hot rain sprinkles the river," but the pair is very confrontational and neat, and the subtitle of the student B is a taboo, because that sentence is the famous sentence in the great leader poetry borrowed. Later, the student was added a "current counter-revolution" to the "rightist" hat. After a few decades, the society is developing, human beings are making progress, and whenever they recall those old memories, There is often a feeling of being separated from the world.Related articles: Newport Cigarettes
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