freemexy: 99% Anti-Estrogen Raloxifene Hydrochloride/Raloxifene HCl Powder 82640-04-8

99% Anti-Estrogen Raloxifene Hydrochloride/Raloxifene HCl Powder 82640-04-8

6 Aug 2019 at 08:13am
99% Anti-Estrogen Raloxifene Hydrochloride/Raloxifene HCl Powder 82640-04-8

Raloxifene hydrochloride is the second generation of selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERM) for the benzothiophene series. The drug is similar to tamoxifen and exhibits estrogen receptor antagonist (blocking) properties in some tissues as an estrogen receptor agonist (activator) in other tissues.Raloxifene powder

The major change between these two agents is their tissue selectivity. Although raloxifene hydrochloride is a strong antiestrogen in the mammary gland and uterine tissue, it appears to be estrogen in the bones. This allows it to protect bone density and mimic the beneficial effects of endogenous estradiol. This is quite different from tamoxifen, tamoxifen in the breast and bone are anti-estrogen effect.

In the fight against estrogen, raloxifene hydrochloride has been approved by the FDA for the prevention and treatment of postmenopausal women with osteoporosis. Other potential uses are being studied, including treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, men's breast development, prostate cancer, acromegaly and uterine cancer.
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