freemexy: Reports: Indian Super League to feature in FIFA 20

Reports: Indian Super League to feature in FIFA 20

15 Aug 2019 at 07:11am
Reports: Indian Super League to feature in FIFA 20

In what has been understood to be great news for Indian football fans, it has been reported that the Indian Super League (ISL) will be included in EA Sports’ latest edition of the FIFA gaming franchise, FIFA 20.futcoins

It is Khel Now that claims they can “confirm” that ISL will be a part of FIFA 20, whose official release will be held this September.

Khel Now had earlier reported that the league was “in talks” with Electronic Arts (EA), the developers of the game – to be part of the popular gaming series and this latest news seems to be an update to the situation.

“It is a proud moment for Indian football as an Indian league is being recognised by the biggest sports gaming series and it will help the ISL to reach out to a wider audience,” a source close to the developments said.

Earlier, the Indian national team was added to the FIFA roster by EA back in 2012 in their FIFA 13 edition, which was a pleasant surprise for Indian fans. Since then, football has been on the rise in the country and the ISL has played a major role in increasing its popularity, since its inception in 2014.

According to Khel Now, Electronic Arts will have all the legal rights of the ISL – those include the club crests, realistic player models and stadiums, which will all be used in FIFA 20 by the American game developers. In exchange, the league will get monetary benefits from EA.

The Indian news agency further adds that the league will be introduced initially in the FIFA 20 mobile version and later, depending on its success, it will be introduced in the game’s editions for desktops and also on all other platforms, including Xbox and Sony PlayStation.Click to Buy more madden 19 coins

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