freeamfva: YOOZ Mini Prefilled Pod Vape Kit Product Review

YOOZ Mini Prefilled Pod Vape Kit Product Review

25 Aug 2023 at 09:58pm
YOOZ Mini Prefilled Pod Vape Kit Product Review

If you have yet to hear about them, YOOZ are an e-cigarette tech company established in 2019 and based in Hong Kong. With over 2000 production staff aspiring to create a better future through research across science, technology and design, the YOOZ ethos is to improve smokers' lives with innovative, quality products less-harmful than tobacco. Get more news about oem yooz vape,you can vist our website!

You can currently purchase YOOZ vape products worldwide in over 30 countries. Their international portfolio includes a range of disposable vapes and a small range of rechargeable, easy-to-use pod kits, each with compatible prefilled e-liquid pods.

Launching in the UK, the marketing stance on the YOOZ Mini Vape Kit (their UK legal TPD version) was as a 'rechargeable disposable' device. However, The UK market would likely class the YOOZ Mini simply as a 'pod kit', a rechargeable battery that requires a compatible range of prefilled disposable pods.

From this stance, we still agree with their message that the YOOZ Mini is more eco-friendly than a disposable vape - which is redundant in its entirety once either battery power or e-liquid is depleted - as only the YOOZ pods are disposed of when empty, and the battery can be recharged many times.

YOOZ have also tried to maximise their environmental credentials by pairing two pods with each device, cutting down on packaging more than most alternatives where battery and pods are generally sold separately.

Plenty of pod kits with prefilled pods are available, some from far more established brands than YOOZ, including the Elf Bar Mate, Blu 2.0 or the Vuse ePen.

What sets the YOOZ far, far apart is the price. The YOOZ Mini is aimed at the switchers market like most other devices, but with YOOZ, the initial investment to switch to vaping really is minimal compared to any other current brand.

At this time of writing, you can purchase the YOOZ Mini kit (with two prefilled pods) at a standalone price of just £4.95…this is for the device AND two pods! Apart from requiring a USB-C charging cable (even big brands have recently begun to omit a cable), you have everything you need to start vaping straight away!

As a comparison to illustrate the affordability of the YOOZ Mini, alternative like-for-like products would be; an Elf Bar Mate 500 Kit + 2 pods (currently £13.30), a Blu 2.0 Kit + 2 pods (currently £16.94) and the Vuse ePod + 2 pods (which are presently £11.74).

At such a low price point, you may expect the YOOZ Mini to fall short in terms of longevity, quality, or flavour, but as their ever-growing customer base proves, alongside staff and our own customer review panel opinion, everyone seems to be very pleasantly surprised.

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