freemexy: 8 facts about VPN that you probably didn’t know

8 facts about VPN that you probably didn’t know

30 Sep 2019 at 03:09am
8 facts about VPN that you probably didn’t know
How would it be to search the internet without your personal data trown onto the streets? With VPN this is possible. VPN stands for Virtual Private network. If we put this into practise this means that a VPN can build the infrastructure in a public network to turn it into a private network, so that a encrypted, secured connection is made possible between different computers and local networks. In this way you can safely gon online, without your personal data being made public.

For who is a VPN meant to be? For anyone who uses a public WIFI, who wants to receive all the benefits of a VPN and of course for everyone who wants to go safely on the internet.

So an absolute must-have for smartphones, laptops, tablets and desktop!

8 facts about VPN that you probably didn’t know (but that make your online life a lot more safe and fun):

1. VPN providers keep your data to themselves.
Lots of providers keep customer logs that they sent to the government or other authorities. VPN’s keep your data neatly. Only the law can force them to give the data logs, commercial means never.

2. A VPN looks like a firewall – but it can’t be traced
VPN’s use encryption to safely transfer your information between servers and it prevents viruses from infection your network and computer. The power of VPN’s is hereby the fact that you can’t be traced. Because your IP address and location can’t be changed, the info can’t be sent back to you.

3. You can still be hacked with a VPN
Only the hacking is made more difficult. A VPN changes your IP address, keeps your data hidden for third parties and it encrypts your data with encryption. However it is still possible to hack you, but the chance of it succeeding is a lot less big. You are a lot more secured with VPN than without.

4. VPN’s let you save money on subsribtions
Subscriptions on streaming services and other website like Eurosport often adjust their prices based on your location. The change is high that you pay more if you are situated in Amsterdam than you would if you were in Twente. Because a VPN will change your IP address, a VPN can have a positive influence on the price of your online subscription.

5. VPN’s give you access to blocked content
Some providers, websites or governments block the content of certain internet content for users, based on your location. A VPN can help you avoid this restrictions and give you full access to this content, it will also allow you to download without any obstacles.

6. With a VPN connection you pay less on hotels and flight tickets.
Just like at point 4, a VPN can save you a lot of money on hotels and flight tickets. How does it work? Airline companies and hotels often adjust their prices based on the location of the user. If a VPN changes your virtual location, the airline company can’t trace your search history and therefore you will see a lower ticket price.

7. VPN lets you buy local products for less
If you want to buy a product online in a Dutch webshop, but you find the same product for cheap at a foreign concurrent? Some foreign webshops will block you. With a VPN service it is easy to make it seem that you are from the same country as the webshop, so then you can shop at the concerning online store. In this wat you can buy foreign locale products for cheap!

8. VPN’s can raise your internet speed
If you are watching an HD video or you are on Netflix, your internet speed could slow down a lot. A VPN ensures that you won’t have any trouble with this limitation. With VPN a provider can’t split your internet traffic in high and low speed, because you can’t be traced as one and the same user. VPN download

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