freemexy: Cimaterol powder General Description

Cimaterol powder General Description

21 Oct 2019 at 09:33am
Cimaterol powder General Description

Cimaterol powder is a chemically stable nonselective agonist β1-, β2-, and β3-adrenoceptors. Cimaterol is used in sport as a stimulant and a fat burner that assists bodybuilders and strength athletes to get rid of body fats. Aside from shedding off fats, another benefit for using cimaterol for athletes is a boost in strength as well as an increase in muscle size or lean body mass. The increase in muscle size has been seen in previous animal studies when cimaterol is used. However, the reason behind the muscle gain is not identified yet, but the body has a very different response compared from taking in anabolic steroids. Experts in the field are saying that the increased nitrogen retention, that is known to cause by cimaterol, maybe the reason behind the muscle gain. Another great thing about Cimaterol is that, it can improve blood flow.

Beta-adrenergic agonists, or β-agonists, are non-hormonal growth promotants that help animals put on muscle instead of fat. The more scientifically accepted name for agents of this class is a repartitioning agent, not a growth promotor. Ractopamine (brand names include Optaflexx and Paylean) and zilpaterol (brand name Zilmax) received FDA approval in 1999 and 2003, respectively. They are also approved in Mexico, South Africa, and Canada. 160 countries restrict the importation of beef which has been raised with β-agonists. Temple Grandin was one of the first to describe the potential problems with the supplement. Cattle may arrive at the plant with a stiff gait, acting like they have both stiff muscles and sore feet. The problem could be muscle fatigue. Zilpateral enhances the growth of “fast-twitch” fibers, a type of muscle fiber that fatigues more easily. On August 16, 2013 Merck and Co., the makers of Zilmax, suspended the sale of the product in the US and Canada. But problems may exist with all β-agonists supplementation, and not just for animals.
The effect of beta-agonists on plasma hormone levels is an important consideration when assessing the possible modes of action of these drugs in promoting growth. Thus, a study was carried out in which 50 young male rats (10 per treatment and 20 controls) were fed clenbuterol at 10 ppm, BRL35135 at 15 ppm, or L-640,033 at 15 ppm for 2 weeks (L. A. Muir, unpublished data). At necropsy, gastrocnemius muscle and epididymal fat pad weights were measured to assess the effects of the beta-agonists on skeletal muscle protein and carcass lipids. In addition, blood samples were obtained and assayed for plasma growth hormone, insulin, somatomedin-C (SM-C), and glucose.
07 Cimaterol (54239-37-1) Application

Interest in methods to improve the efficiency of animal production has focused on betaadregenic agonists such as cimaterol in recent years. Cimaterol has been recognised as a repartitioning agent that improves carcass composition by increasing muscle deposition and reducing fat. It also has the ability to accelerate livestock growth. In human however, they are generally used as anti-asthmatic agent. Therefore, excess cimaterol residues in livestock products may pose a genuine risk for human health. This has led to the prohibition of cimaterol usage in every stage of food production. To know whether food matrices contain cimaterol residue, one must need to test it.

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