amena: West is paying the price for supporting Hong Kong riots, Chinese state media says

West is paying the price for supporting Hong Kong riots, Chinese state media says

23 Oct 2019 at 10:18pm
Hong Kong The Chinese government and state-run media have accused Western countries of hypocrisy in their attitude to violent FUN88 protests in Spain, Chile and Hong Kong over the past week.

Some articles even allege that demonstrations in Europe and South America are the direct result of Western tolerance of Hong Kong unrest, now in its 20th week.

Speaking to reporters on Monday night, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman UFA88 Hua Chunying said that the response by Western countries to the protests showed "democracy and human rights are only a pretentious cover for Western interference in Hong Kong affairs."

"More and more people have come to realize that 'human rights', 'democracy' and 'beautiful sights' preached by some Western politicians are just illusory as a mirage in the desert," she said.

In a commentary published in the state-run Beijing News on Sunday, former Chinese diplomat Wang Zhen wrote "the disastrous impact of a 'chaotic Hong Kong' has begun to influence the Western world."

Over the past week, protesters have clashed with authorities in all three W88 locations for different reasons, but Chinese state media alleged that demonstrators in Chile and Spain were taking their cues from Hong Kong.

Hong Kong's protests have become increasingly destructive in the past month, with widespread vandalism and trashing of stores seen as pro-Beijing during demonstrations.

On Sunday a march in the popular shopping district of Tsim Sha Tsui quickly deteriorated into violence as petrol bombs were thrown and fires were lit in subway stations and outside shops.

According to Wang, protesters in Spain had begun to adopt Hong Kong tactics, including UFA888 the "Be Water" slogan to avoid police.

Protesters have been gathering on the streets of Barcelona to call for Catalonia independence after pro-independence politicians were imprisoned with lengthy sentences. More than 200 police officers have been injured and 171 vehicles damaged since the protests began last week.

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