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10 Kinds World Religious Tattoo Symbols

11 Nov 2019 at 01:04am
A large body of literature and archaeological evidence suggests that religious symbols have always been an important element of tattoos and have been used as amulets since ancient times to protect people from unknowns. Good tattoo supply tattoo can bring good, a good colleague tattoo can bring faith support In ancient Egypt, women would use traditional tattoo supply to leave a god tattoo of their thighs, in order to protect themselves when childbirth. Now, tattoos are still the way people express their religious beliefs or spirituality.

1. Lotus Flower
Lotus is a powerful element of Asian religion. This plant grows and blooms in a muddy and humid environment. “Live in the silt but not imbrued.” Because of its purity, many Hindu gods are depicted in art as sitting in lotus, or holding lotus. In Buddhism, the open lotus represents the enlightenment.

2. Angel
It is a prominent symbol in Islam, Judaism, and Christian faith, and angels are called messengers of God. Designs are often characterized by wings and robes, symbolizing piety, spirituality and faith.

3. Triquetra
It is a symbol of the Celtic and Norse mythology. It represents the interconnectedness of the earth, the ocean and the sky. The Triquetra in Christianity is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are all integrated concepts. Triquetra also represents eternity.

4. Cross
In the Bible, Jesus was crucified. The cross symbol has since become a symbol of God's eternal love and redemptive power, saving the world from sin. The cross reminds God of eternal love, redemptive power, and salvation.

5. Pigeon
Pigeons are a symbol of many religious traditions. In the Great Flood of the Bible, a pigeon returns to the ark with olive leaves, giving Noah a signal that water begins to recede. In Christianity, pigeons are said to represent the Holy Spirit. In Greek mythology, the pigeon is a symbol of the god Venus.

6. Om
The spell is pronounced in three separate sounds (aum), representing the Trinity, including the Earth, the atmosphere, heaven, past, present and future. In the Hindu faith, Om is a symbol of the nature of the universe, and in tattoos it stands for omnipotence.

7. Water
Water is an indispensable life force in almost all world religious traditions. At the launching ceremony, Sikhs drank a sweet mixture of water and sugar called amrit, where they committed themselves to the faith. Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Christians and followers of Shinto teach water to symbolize themselves. In other religious rituals, water can be a sign of creation, purification, and immortality.

8. Star of David
Tattoos in Judaism are less common because some people think that the Old Testament suggests opposing them, but the Star of David is still a popular tattoo symbol. This six-pointed star is also known as the creator star, symbolizing the guardianship of the gods.
9. Tree
The tree is a strong religious symbol in many faiths and represents the connection between life, strength and resilience, and giving and supply. In Buddhism, the Bodhi tree is an important symbol because the founder of Buddhism, Sakyamuni, was thought to have been enlightened when meditating under the Bodhi tree.

10. Anchor
Early Christians saw anchors as a symbol of hope, redemption, and eternal life. The researchers found that the anchor drawings can be traced back to the epitaphs engraved in the Roman catacombs from the 2nd to the 3rd centuries, where many early Christian martyrs were buried.
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