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Art of Photography

10 Dec 2019 at 05:05am
The photo shoot that drew my attention was made by an unknown but, obviously, very talented photographer. Unfortunately, this masterpiece has no title as well. However, being not aware of any information about the author makes the photo more enigmatical. In addition, the absence of any title gives the opportunity to enhance something to this piece of art. For example, the viewers can create their own titles according to personal emotions and feelings, which are evoked by this photo shoot.
As for me, an editor at superessay.org/, I have my own variant of a title for this photo and it is “Freedom.” “Amazing” was my first thought when I saw the picture, “masterpiece” was the second, and “freedom” was the third one. Since the photo is about dancing and depicts a dancing girl, it is logical to name the picture “Freedom.” When a person is dancing, he or she is free of everything: problems, duties, affairs and questions that usually harass one’s thoughts. Nothing worries a dancing person; he or she is opened to music and movements. Besides, the position of a girl on the photo responds to the word “freedom” as she is jumping highly. It seems like she is releasing her soul from a cage. As it was sung in one of the songs by Peter Gabriel, “My Body is a Cage,” “my body is a cage, it prevents me from dancing with the one I love”. Naturally, sometimes people need to set their emotions and feelings free; that is the case when dancing is the best way to express everything one feels.
The theme of this photo is not the only thing I like or even adore about it. I also admire the way everything is depicted in this shoot. A black background is not special or unusual. One can say that it may not be interesting, but it is a perfect decision to choose this very color. I consider that such a plain backdrop does not distract attention from the main idea and details of the photo. Moreover, the black color makes it more mysterious, which intrigues the viewers even more. The photo has the main character. As it was mentioned above, it is a girl dancing on the water. She is wearing black leggings and a black top, but her feet are bare. The girl has long straight fair hair and she is jumping. Her pose is not a kind of closed positions. Amazingly, how beautiful her knees are bent in the air and her straight hands are led behind her back. It seems like the girl is not only jumping but also rushing towards the wind that disperses her hair gently. She is opened to the force that can breathe power into her. The photo is also a perception of the wind that symbolizes changes. The water depicts something extremely needed for living (like music for dancers), and the smoke enwraps the dancing girl and enhances enigma to the picture.
Every time I see this masterpiece of photography art, I cannot take my eyes off it. I am sure that the photo is perfect in all senses, namely its theme, the way of depiction, the play of light and shadows, and the girl herself. She is slim, beautiful, strong, but, at the same time, very gentle. This piece of art had impressed me greatly. It makes me want to dance and set my spirit free out of my own cage. The photo shows lightness and passion. It expresses mental and physical strength and grace. This magnificent piece of photography art is worth watching and admiring.

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