freemexy: Ookla adds free VPN to Speedtest app for iOS

Ookla adds free VPN to Speedtest app for iOS

20 Dec 2019 at 02:58am
Ookla adds free VPN to Speedtest app for iOS

Virtual private networks (VPNs) are starting to become commonplace as more software and hardware companies add them to their consumer products. Earlier this year, Cloudflare launched WARP VPN for iOS and Android. More recently, Ubiquiti updated its line of AmpliFi consumer Wi-Fi routers to support VPN connections.Buy VPN

The popularity of VPNs has been increasing as more consumers seek to protect their privacy and to defend against hackers on compromised public Wi-Fi networks. VPNs also provide a value-added service to consumers for companies that already make networking-related software or hardware. Additionally, providing VPNs through a freemium model introduces a new revenue stream.
The latest version of Speedtest for iOS (Version 4.1.13) comes with a preview version of its new VPN service. The VPN is currently free and has a data transfer limit of 2GB. It’s unknown if Ookla plans to provide a fee-based version that provides more data and a faster connection like Cloudflare’s Warp+ Unlimited VPN.

To enable the VPN on an iOS device, the app must first install a Personal VPN profile. After the profile is installed, activating it is as simple as tapping the power toggle.
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