jasonroy76: Top 10 best and free ways to get more YouTube views in 2020

Top 10 best and free ways to get more YouTube views in 2020

12 Jan 2020 at 11:50pm
Gone are the days when YouTube was mostly dominated by funny videos of dogs and cats. You may have noticed a huge change in YouTube in the recent decade. Now a day’s YouTube is also one of the best platforms for the marketer. There are more than one billions of video are being watched on YouTube daily.

YouTube is a great business tool, if used properly will increase your sale and free views fast. In this post, you will know how to get more free views on YouTube by using optimization features on the YouTube platform. The post discusses the top 10 legit ways to get more YouTube views for free of cost.

1. Video Title Optimization:

YouTube is considered the subsequent best search engine after Google. Therefore search engine optimization plays a huge role in optimizing the video. This platform offers a lot of prospects such as title, descriptions, video file name and tags. Optimize and create a compelling title between 60-70 characters. You also need to add keywords in your Title to make it appealing for the viewers.

2. Video Description Optimization:

Create an appealing description by adding keywords, which will be very helpful for the YouTube search engine. Good video description helps the users and search engine to know what the video is about. This will help to improve your video views and click-through rate.

3. Thumbnail image optimization:

Make use of a better quality of the image with an engaging font. Proper uses of thumbnail make your video quality a better. High-quality image readable feature helps to boost video views.

4. Include Water in Video:

Watermark helps to get more YouTube free views and subscribers. A watermark is nothing but a use of an image that is set to appear in your entire video. While using watermark in your video first of all you need to verify your YouTube account. You can also make use of your brand logo as a watermark in your video to attract the viewers.

5. Promote Video on Social Media Platform:

If you have a good number of followers on social media platforms. Then it is the best idea to promote your video on the entire social media platform. This will helps you to get more free YouTube video views. You can also add your video into blog post and page to get more views fast.

6. Create a Playlist:

Playlist creation of your content will help the viewers to watch your video repeatedly. After completion of the first video, your next video is played automatically. This will helps you to get more video views without being navigated by the viewers. Always try to create a unique and relevant video to get more free views.

7. Make Your Video in Autoplay Mode:

When a video is embedded autoplay will begin automatically. Autoplay mode sometime may irritate your viewers so carefully use this features. If you think that your video content is descriptive then it is a nice idea to use it as your viewer can make an immediate jump to the next video.

8. Know the Importance of Watch Time:

YouTube algorithm determines which videos to be shown on the home page, in a search result, as suggested video etc. YouTube algorithm not only impacts the single video but also it impacts your entire video channels. Its algorithm is very difficult but you can better understand it through watch time. Most of the video on YouTube is ranked well based on the watch time.

9. Find Niche Community for Video Sharing:

There are lots of places you can promote your video. Such as Reddit or Quora is one of the two best ways to target your audience. You can also make use of a social bookmarking site like Pinterest and Stumbleupon to increase interest in your video.

10. Reach to the influencer to promote video:

Marketing your video through influencer will help your video to achieve more viewers in a shorter period. It is one of the fast techniques to reach your audience fast. An influencer has a large number of audiences the share and posts their content which helps get more views on a large scale.


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