MJL456: There are no girls playing at the entrance now

There are no girls playing at the entrance now

21 Jan 2020 at 03:21am
Ferraris 2016 car is capable of closing the gap to Mercedes on the evidence of winter testing, according to Sebastian Vettel. The new SF16-H proved the quickest car on five of the eight days of Barcelona testing, with Vettel and team-mate Kimi Raikkonen posting the four fastest lap times of the winter.Ferrari enjoyed a mini renaissance in 2015, winning three races after going through the previous season without a victory, but Mercedes still dominated the world championship and ended the year with their 12th one-two race finish in Abu Dhabi. But, armed with a new car which is more revolutionary than most, Vettel believes they are in better shape heading to the first race in Melbourne on March 20.We have to see if this car can be a winner, but I think that the first impression was good and everything we have built is positive, said Vettel after he ended the winter on top of the timesheet. Sky F1s Ted Kravitz talks to Sky Germanys Sandra Baumgartner about the Mercedes-Ferrari battle and the likelihood of a German winner in 2016 So, overall, I am happy with the feeling in the car. And we are happy with the step we have made.We try to close the gap to the cars in front, which has been quite big last year. I think we did a good job during the last season and now I think that the new car can close the gap even more, but we have to be patient a little bit longer, for a couple of weeks at least.Raikkonen, whose results have underwhelmed since his return to Ferrari in 2014, ended pre-season with the outright fastest time after lapping fractionally quicker than Vettel on the ultrasoft tyres. Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel says safety should come before style when discussing Formula 1s new Halo device The Finn believes the team have a very good package, but Melbourne will prove if their theories are correct.I have no idea what the others are doing, lap times may vary with different tyres and fuel levels, but we know what we are doing and we are pretty happy with the way the car is handling, Raikkonen said.I think we have a very good package. Time will tell if it is good enough. Whats the F1 pecking order? Conclusions from pre-season testing in Barcelona The first race of the 2016 F1 season, the Australian GP, is exclusively live on Sky Sports F1. The race in Melbourne starts at 5am on Sunday March 20. Every race live in 2016 Sky Sports F1 brings you every race live in 2016. Fast and easy online upgrade - click here Also See: Rosberg: Ferrari could be ahead Whats the F1 pecking order? Detroit Red Wings Shirts. As the crowd erupted, Davis knocked the ball off the glass and back into his hands. With 1:14 to go in overtime, Davis sixth block also became his 17th rebound. That, along with his 32 points -- which tied a career high -- proved too much for Denver to overcome, and the Pelicans held on for their third straight victory, 111-107 on Sunday night. Red Wings Jerseys 2020. The Dane followed up his first European Tour title last weekend with eight birdies and just a single dropped shot on Thursday for a one-stroke advantage over South Africas Allan Versfeld and Portugals Ricardo Santos. www.cheapredwings.com/ /a>. The winner Saturday will remain in the elite 10-team field next year. "We talked about wanting to be disciplined and stick with our game plan and good things will come," Draisaitl said, who had two goals for the victors. Cheap Red Wings Jerseys. Jane Virtanen scored two, and Alex Roach and Elliott Peterson rounded out the offence for the Hitmen (40-15-6). Brady Brassart chipped in with three assists. Colton McCarthy scored twice, Brayden Point had a goal and two assists, and Jack Rodewald also scored for the Warriors (15-35-9), who were 2 for 5 on the power play. Red Wings Jerseys China. Anthony Davis had 31 points and 17 rebounds in his seventh straight game with more than 20 points, but that was only enough to keep the Pelicans competitive into the final minutes. Andrew Bogut had 10 points and 15 rebounds for Golden State, which rebounded from a loss a night earlier in Oklahoma City and snapped a two-game skid. Gonzalo Aguirregomezcorta is a reporter for ESPNDeportes.com. The reporting for this piece was done in Spanish and Portuguese. The story was originally written in Spanish. RIO DE JANEIRO -- Vidigal favela has some stunning views.Its steep and narrow streets wind upward toward the sky. It is only from up there that you can clearly appreciate the beauty of a unique landscape. The mountains lie to the left, their peaks temporarily shrouded in rainless clouds. The vast Atlantic Ocean stretches out in front and, to the right, a number of small islands make the view even more beautiful. In the middle, a cluster of colorful, overlapping houses that, from this height, appear to be made from paper maché. In the background, the beach, where the sea laps the sand, and the sand gives way to asphalt which in turn gives way to tall glass buildings, in this place far from the favela.Up here, some people with torn shirts and weathered skin rest their forearms on the wooden balconies and cannot help but be taken in by the view every time they look out. A couple of kilometers away, the same views enjoyed by one of Rio de Janeiros more than 700 favelas will set you back 1,000 reais per night (around $300). In Brazil, luxury and poverty are close neighbors separated by nothing more than air. Down below, the haves; above, the have nots. They all share the same beauty.Filgueira is a military policeman who prefers not to admit how badly things are going for the federal police, who continue to make headlines thanks to protests in which they are campaigning for higher wages in line with the risks they face. Filgueira avoids the issue and, when he explains the main reason he enjoys his work in Vidigal, he points his finger and nods toward the landscape. As if this visual spectacle provides him with enough satisfaction while he does his job in one of Rios drug trafficking hot spots. Vidigal is better now, he told me, with some diplomacy.Near the entrance to the favela, a blue building is daubed with graffiti including a phrase that reads, All In | The Fight Institute. As if it were the slogan for everyday life in the community, Raff Giglio chose this name for the school he founded 20 years ago. Today, it is the cradle of Brazilian Olympic boxing. At the entrance, six little girls are trying to dodge a worn-out old ball. They burst out laughing. Giglio spends a little time with them while inside one of the volunteers from his academy teaches the boys. His mission is to offer them a solution to the difficult reality of life in Vidigal through free boxing lessons.He complains loudly, the government does nothing for the kids in the favelas. Alternately, his speech is interspersed with a genuine gratitude that comes from the pleasure of his work. The satisfaction of accomplishment, to receive a mission to one day go to the favela and be able to help the kids. Thats what Im doing. They pay me by winning a medal. Here, profe, theres the Olympic medal. Giglio has plenty to say on the subject of Esquiva Falc?o, whom he spotted as a youngster at a championship in S?o Paulo. Upon hearing shortly after that Falc?o had stopped competing, he took charge of the situation.He lived in the state of Espirito Santo. I brought him to Rio de Janeiro at the age of 17 to live in my gym, Giglio said. I gave him food, a shower, training so that he could continue boxing. In 2007, he took part in his first national championship where he won the silver medal. In 2008, he was called up to Brazils senior team, and from there things just continued upwards.Three Olympians, hundreds of lives cut shortFalc?os journey took him up beyond the heights from where you can contemplate Vidigals stunning views. He won the silver medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, where he lost to the Japanese fighter, Ryota Murata, by one point.When Esquiva arrived back from London, his first stop was Brasilia for a reception with the president of the Republic. Before going to Espirito Santo he came to Vidigal and headed to my gym: Hey man, the medal. I almost fell over, boasted Giglio.dddddddddddd I produce champions, the national team doesnt create athletes. When the athlete becomes national champion, they get picked. Patrick [Louren?o] and Michel [Borges] are two examples, he added.Louren?o and Borges are set to compete in this edition of the Olympic Games on home soil, in front of their fans, a few kilometers from the place where they first honed their footwork before being selected for the national team. Giglio plays a crucial role in the chain of developing boxers. He sows the seed and waters it for years so that it is ready to change hands once it blooms. At the All in the Fight Institute they learn to be disciplined, to work hard, to disconnect from extremely difficult situations that often require them to set their passion aside in order to earn a living for their families.They are hard lives because they are all living in the favelas. They experienced very bad situations when there was drug trafficking and all those things, Giglio said. They are poor kids with no money who cannot afford a gym. Everything here is free and we give them an opportunity to pursue a better life. Here we work to educate through sport so that the kids have an opportunity that the government does not give them. We work to ensure they have a chance to continue as a good person, a person who is a good son, a good father, a person who can walk down the street with their head held high. They could also be a great boxer.The younger ones look up to Falc?o, Borges and Louren?o. The latter will compete in this edition of the Games in the 49-kilogram light flyweight class, while Borges will compete in the 81-kg heavyweight class.Donation of the dayThe volunteer who is observing the boys technique stops for a moment and hands Giglio two pairs of gloves. He looks at them from every angle, turns them around, puts them on his wrong hands and sets them aside ... all this while smiling from ear to ear.This donation came from S?o Paulo, he says.The fact that someone shares his altruistic cause is another battle won in his solitary work. The revenue to maintain the gym and the equipment used by the youngsters comes from donations by individuals or companies. They currently have no sponsor and any help is welcome for Giglio, who describes himself as a dreamer who came close to throwing in the towel.I went through some very tough times when I thought about quitting, he says. I have a family, I have daughters, four daughters, and several times I thought I had to look for work, I had to earn money for my family. Something told me not to stop, to keep going: work and things will turn out well.I carried on and carried on some more, and the lesson was just that, to believe in the dream and continue working with discipline.The discipline he learned in judo, he passes on to his boys. The intense stubbornness that has earned him a name not only in Vidigal but outside the favela he made his home two decades ago. He used to have his gym in Leblon, closer to Copacabana. He lost it as a result of problems with the local authorities and settled in this community where he has rebuilt his emotional and professional life.The sun sets in the west, but looking from the east it has been hidden behind the mountains for some time. The lights come on at the foot of Vidigal. Darkness descends, but not before delivering a festival of colors beneath the illuminated mantle of those overlapping houses. Another day draws to a close and some people sit and watch the womens soccer match between Brazil and China (3-0) with a cheap beer.Others head home with bags in hands while some cars give way to others due to the narrow road. The motorcycles do their own thing. Giglio closes the doors of his gym. There are no girls playing at the entrance now, just a constant stream of adults. Filgueira, the military policeman, insists on jumping in our car and escorting us to the exit of the favela. Wholesale Jerseys ' ' '

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