panupong: Huge rally as Iraqis demand US troops to pull off

Huge rally as Iraqis demand US troops to pull off

24 Jan 2020 at 02:32am
Many crowds took to สมัครแทงบอลสเต็ปthe streets of Baghdad's capital, Baghdad, to demand US troops to leave Iraq. Iraqi authority Shia Amok Tada Al Saad called for more than a กลุ่มลับเน็ตไอดอลmillion people to join. Friday march near the US Embassy in the capital
Iranian militia backers are one of the protesters in the city. The killing of US General Qasem Soleimani, the Iranian military commander on January 3 at Baghdad Airport, causes tension.
What is the future of the US military in Iraq?: A firefighter monk who can calm Iraq attacks. Soleimani: What does international law say?
Assassinated in a drone attack by the United States, the Iraqi Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, commanded by the Kataib Hezbollah, backed Iran, who backed Ira Iira in response to Gen Soleimani's assassination.

By carrying a missile attack on two air bases, which are home to US forces in Iraq, the United States later said there were no US casualties in the January 8 attacks.
But a few hours after the attack, Iranian forces fired two missiles at a Ukrainian passenger plane over Iran's Tehran inadvertently killing all 176 people on the plane.
What is the latest from Baghdad? Demonstrators began to gather in the center of Baghdad early Friday and several hours later the area was full of people.
Many also carry the national flag of Iraq.The protests threaten to cause a separate eclipse of the protest movement, which involves the majority of young people for months calling for a complete overhaul of the Iraqi government. Mr Martin Patience of the BBC in Iraq said.

At the beginning of last month, the Iraqi lawmakers passed a resolution without obligation, calling for foreign troops to leave the country. 5,000 US soldiers residing in Iraq are part of the Islamic State Front (IS).
Two air bases targeted by Iran are in the cities of Irbil and al-Asad, west of Baghdad. The assassination of Gen Soleimani - the leader of the Quds forces and the policy-makers of Iran in the region -
It is a major uplift in the intensifying relations between Iran and the United States. The generals are seen as terrorists by the US government, who say they are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American soldiers and plan the attack. come"
He was assassinated after the attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad. The protesters angered the deaths of volunteer members in the US air raid. Washington accused Iran of attacking the embassy, ​​with US President Donald Trump warning that Iran will "Pay a very large price" for damage or loss of life

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