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Political Correctness

24 Jan 2020 at 03:21am
Political correctness embraces transition of Marxism from the economic terms into the cultural ones. The underlying premise of political correctness is that changing the language, the elite wants to change the way human beings act and think and ultimately change the society. Political correctness corrupts the political life, business, mass media, Congress, and the educational institutions. Claiming that some words are correct whereas other thoughts are not allowed the correct thinkers use intimidation, threat, and force against incorrect thinkers thus escaping free competition of ideas. The initial intention of political correctness was to promote sensitivity and tact to other people’s feelings around such challenges as physical abilities, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and race. Controversially, the effects of political correctness have led many people to avoid these controversial themes, thereby hindering their abilities to get accustomed to the life and work with those individuals who are different.
Speaking of political correctness, Gallagher and Lippard discuss the power that the particular groups defined by gender, ethnicity, and race have over other ones and mention that this power dictates the entire history (758). The radical feminists, for example, point to the fact that all authority belonged to men, and they continually oppressed women in the past. Therefore, men of the modern times should atone for the sins of their forerunners from the past. The proponents of political correctness try to standardize the thought and language not only to increase the self-confidence of minorities, females, and the state’s beneficiaries, but also retain the moral image of the state itself. The one way to reach this goal is to remove offensive, derogatory, and discriminatory words, phrases and replace them with harmless vocabulary using logic and clarity.
Political correctness fails to recognize that language arises from the developed social process that leads to the systemic order reached without using the general, deliberate plan. Language is the result of historical corruption and borrowing of other languages, experiences, and accidents. It is always easy to be a victim and blame somebody or something using the language supplied by political correctness. Due to political correctness, many people try to explain the reason with the lack of prosperity and success. In general, these excuses and explanations contain the idea that individuals have a rough time because of their gender and race. Political correctness is a way to justify and explain with plausible and logical reasons what one is and why he/she is not better than is the others.
In some universities, the high standards of human achievements are no longer valued in comparison with the politically correct thoughts and words. Academic freedom is accompanied by the high costs of colleges and universities, where the truth is seen as nothing more than various perspectives offered by diverse groups to promote their interests (Younkins 196). If the curriculum is developed to be politically correct, peace centered, impartial, and nonsexist, the education-imposed biases, in this case, will restrict thinking of millions of students. In American educational institutions, undergraduates are taught that value systems are highly subjective. They are constructed according to the social class, ethnicity, gender, and race. The outcomes are campus speech codes, black and women’s studies departments, thought police and warped curriculum. Students are not always taught that males and females are, in reality, different, and the ethnic groups and races have specific features.
Political correctness jeopardizes free speech in non-academic and academic spheres, and negatively affects the very foundation of the U.S. society. The authorities have eradicated the protection of free speech in the workplaces. However, free speech is an economic boon to academics through which each of them makes own living. In educational world, freedom of speech has fared better.
Political correctness is applied to discredit opponents of social reforms and eliminate debates by labeling individuals as bigots, racists, and woman-haters. It is as a multicultural instrument intended to limit thoughts in science, culture, and education by coercion and intimidation. One may regard political correctness as a perversion and contradiction of reality that requires continuous state interventions for its implementation. Individuals should contend with political correctness by seeking the truth and using reality-based logical arguments.
The article was written by Hallie Green, a professional writer at superessay.org.

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