rsgoldfast: If there was the Madden 20 coins

If there was the Madden 20 coins

24 Feb 2020 at 07:02pm
Yes! All of this. If there was the Madden 20 coins magazine at NCAA, I used to LOVE. It was just an added bonus. We are in need of things like this. An excellent, quality"review" show with highlights. Please. Like certain it'll get repetitive but it's nevertheless something immersive (they're repetitive in real life anyways). Like in my franchise now Elliot is currently breaking hurrying records like crazy. And he's CPU. I would love to see his highlight reels.

So this all depends on what you deem as"realistic." I mean, honestly, not one of these wishes are realistic since EA won't spend jack #censored# as it's not a revenue generating game mode to improve franchise. Some of them have been mentioned, but I will still name all of the things I want (a bunch of them were removed, also ).True schemes that affect how teams perform in simulation.

I'd really like to really craft a scheme, or simply have the ability to dictate more about the way the team plays. Like, perhaps I wish to conduct a Spread crime that doesn't"use" a running QB? I am not saying this needs to be a customizable item, but at least give us some basic things!

Assistant coaches, and training overhauls in general. It is neat that they have the little buy Madden nfl 20 coins boosts you can buy with XP to your coach, but really, they're pointless, and after a few seasons you've probably bought all of them and keep racking up XP for no reason.

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