Rskingdom: After RuneScape's controversial 2019

After RuneScape's controversial 2019

28 Feb 2020 at 07:27pm

Eurogamer has RuneScape gold a long article titled"After RuneScape's controversial 2019, Jagex plots'deliberate and direct' changes for 2020." The first half of the piece rehashes what Jagex was up to for most of the decade, focusing on the microtransactions which have been inserted to RuneScape during that time along with their less-than-warm welcome from runescape players.

The article then delves into the controversy between a runescape participant who spent 50,000 GBP (approximately $62,000) on microtransactions at RuneScape. Jagex stated it had been"unable to entirely corroborate the particulars" of the account and the figure was really closer to 17,000 GBP/$22,000. Even so, the company is listening to the government committee that produced the original figure and can be"at a strong position already to answer lots of the proposals they may make."

Some changes have already occurred, like the Yak Track, a kind of year pass that provides runescape players options in how to advance. You can also partly preview your Treasure Hunter loot box that is next, a procedure we have had mixed feelings about here. It is part of what Jagex calls its own efforts in"evolving our model, moving away from a standard loot crate system."

Despite all that money coming in, there was a comparative dearth of content together with the Land out of Time update providing the sole major inclusion of articles to the first 11 months of the year. The Ranch Out of Time added to that, also Jagex is seeking to add more quests in 2020, adding more resources so that it could"align each of cheap OSRS gold their efforts from Episodic Content, Core Expertise and Live Ops, so that they really feed to each other and they make sense to each other."

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