wangkiky: On energy-saving and environmental protection of heat treatment

On energy-saving and environmental protection of heat treatment

27 Mar 2020 at 01:53am

Along with the development of our country's economy, the number of heat treatment in manufacturing is growing with the development of manufacturing industry, there have been reports to the early 21st century will account for over 40% of the total steel heat treatment, but it is because of the heat treatment furnaces to heat the metal organization change and improve the performance of special machining parts, the high energy consumption, pollution of the big cans be imagined. The development of world industry proves that the advancement of manufacturing technology is the guarantee of product competitiveness. Its degree of advanced heat treatment technology, the key factors is the guarantee of mechanical products to knead, but now our country mechanical products and there is a gap between the world's advanced level in more than 20 years, its heat treatment production technology is very backward, production equipment and the world's advanced level has the gap of three hundred and forty, the average power consumption per ton of 2 ~ 3 times more than in Japan, Europe and the United States, and clean production of heat treatment industry not to carry out the "three wastes" emissions, environmental pollution is quite serious, therefore, to strengthen the environmental protection and energy saving production heat treatment has been imperative in manufacturing, to talk about some views below.

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