wangkiky: How to choose a thermocouple for the experimental furnace

How to choose a thermocouple for the experimental furnace

8 Apr 2020 at 12:24am

Experimental furnace temperature element thermocouple, is based on the use of temperature to choose, today for you to introduce the thermocouple dividing number, each dividing number is suitable for what temperature stage.
1. High temperature resistance. The temperature measurement range of experimental furnace -- thermocouple mainly depends on the high temperature performance of the hot electrode.
2. Good redominance -- the thermocouple with the same two kinds of hot electrode materials is required to have a phase and stable thermal performance, so that the thermocouple can be produced in batches and has good interchangeability;
3. High sensitivity and good linearity -- it is required that the thermoelectric potential generated by the electric couple is large enough and has a linear relationship with the temperature;
4 requirements for thermoelectric materials in addition to the above requirements, and hope that its resistance coefficient and resistance temperature coefficient as small as possible, and its cheap, adequate supply.

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