freemexy: Neighbors call for crackdown after OTR viral video

Neighbors call for crackdown after OTR viral video

9 Apr 2020 at 12:27am
Neighbors call for crackdown after OTR viral video

It was business as usual at Grant Park in Over-The-Rhine. There was full court basketball and police tape removed from the playground.To get more videos of the news, you can visit shine news official website.

Block watch captain John Donaldson said some people are not taking the governor's "Stay-at-Home" order seriously.“There’s not been a single night where it's been honored,” said Donaldson.

Which is why Donaldson is not surprised by a now viral video taken just a few blocks away at Liberty and Walnut Streets."This is how we do it in my city. I don't give a **** about the coronavirus,” said Rashaan Davis on the video.Cincinnati police said this is not how we do it Cincinnati.

The alleged ringleader, Rashaan Davis, was arrested Saturday after the 11-minute video surfaced on social media. The video showed a large group gambling, drinking in public, and playing loud music outside of the Liberty Street Shell gas station.

"We're in a vulnerable time right now where riots could break out. A lot of things could happen, and this guy is basically inciting that kind of activity and I think that rises to a different level of problems in the society,” said Donaldson.

Cincinnati police said the behavior on that video will not be tolerated. On Saturday, an officer was stationed on Walnut Street while officers on bikes patrolled the area. Barricades were also added to Walnut Street to discourage people from congregating.

Police also said they are exploring the possibility of adding additional fines and penalties for anyone who violates the order.

“I think that's a good signal to send and I appreciate everything CPD is doing. Again, I’d like to have a curfew in place to kind of close some of this stuff down,” said Donaldson. “We all are suffering through this coronavirus. We need to get back to work and we can't do it if we keep spreading things around.”

Rashaan Davis was ordered held without bond at the Hamilton County Justice Center. The penalty for violating the governor’s order is up to 90 days behind bars and a $750 fine.

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