Nanlina: I believe the best approach to implement this is to include key words

I believe the best approach to implement this is to include key words

4 Jun 2020 at 07:01pm
This might be off topic or not in winrsgold the right format however: I am so tired of this incredible poor advertisements option, pretty much all advertisements generally ( they arnt attract any new players at all!) I have been playing RuneScape since 2004 and the advertisements don't do it justice! Can jagex please spend any time( andoney) in advertisements? We need new players, desperately bad. During this quarantine is the perfect time!

RuneScape is a gorgeous game (especially when you compare it to osrs) and if we'd even half realistic ads to what RuneScape looks like there's a great opportunity new players or people return to RuneScape could begin playing again! New players help the participant base and jagex. RuneScape use to be an extemerely populate game and it is empty and that I miss the days of packed worlds and full clans and I understand most gamers miss it! Please jagex invest an adequate amount of money in to game advertisements, it is going to make a hude difference.

The Beach is most likely the occasion nowadays, we have, and also its absence this past season was definitely detected. Bring it backagain. You were so close with Christmas'18 that visiting you fall back to old habits was a real disappointment. A nice slice of content served up using a grinding event was the best of both worlds. It helped that ViB had been an cute little bottle pursuit.

But though it hadn't been so damn charming I have called it a triumph. Easter'19 was not too bad it's just a shame that the sidequest was momentary. Master Crafting was a step in the right direction, also, since it spruced up a part of content which needed it. A lot of these guilds could use an identical occasion (even if it's only the F2P ones it'd be nice for the RC and Warrior's Guilds to be useful).

To begin with, for the search function in the settings, I believe the best approach to implement this is to include key words. I.E. search for battle, xp, exp, or place exp plus it brings up a drop down of related settings. The familiars people have running around blocks our opinion, but also slows down RuneScape client-side. This turn is costing you more money as you'll have to invest more money trying to write code to go around the lag issue when it cheap RS gold is a simple fix that will be worth it in the long term.

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