rsgoldfast: The final decision on OSRS gold

The final decision on OSRS gold

18 Jun 2020 at 06:51pm
The major answer I gave in this survey that I wish to get around: The final decision on OSRS gold any material should be made with BOTH the community AND Jagex working together to produce content that is really worth adding to RuneScape game.

Players have demonstrated they will vote yes to a pretty absurd #censored# (See the Tome debacle) where Jagex needs to intervene and understand that asking was a mistake, while Jagex has also proven when they forge ahead on their own it doesn't work out nicely for us either. Attempting to frame this query since an either/or is leaving out a massive quantity of nuance in the problem, and this is something which applies to numerous issues discussed in the survey.

This survey provides me the vibes which you guys actually want to be known for your communication with your community, and that you're well knowledgeable about the gaming world around you. Neither of these are correct. Jagex"communicates" with their neighborhood over many other games, but not nearly the maximum, especially when you don't count surveys that are crampacked full of voting biasing issues, questions which shouldn't be asked, also (what feels like) intentional misinformation or lack of vital information needed to make an informed decision.

I agree with about everything you mentioned. It is true that the content of OSRS normally come in BOTH community and Jagex. But we must not forget that Jagex by his own is also able of Buy Rs gold fantastic surprise when given the opportunity ( consider the way Twisted League was awesome, and yet we didnt understood much about it before launch ) I think when all League content was polled beforehand, it could have been alot different and likely not as exctiting and surprising.

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