Ellenpictach: Runescape Five Consecutive Years of Growth

Runescape Five Consecutive Years of Growth

27 Jun 2020 at 08:15pm
Award-winning RuneScape video game developer and publisher Jagex announces that it has grown for the fifth consecutive year, and its revenue increased by 19.4% year-on-year in 2019 to £110.9 million. Operating profit also increased to slightly above 48.9 million pounds, an annual increase of 4.5%. Jagex’s performance has grown even faster than in the previous fiscal year, and the company’s legendary RuneScape live game franchise has entered its 20-year history. Want to get more news about Runescape? Pay attention to RSGOLDB2C, you will be able to receive the information as soon as possible, and Buy RS Gold, we will provide you with the best service.

Jagex continues its growth and investment journey, and 2019 is an extraordinary year because we welcome more players than ever to participate in the live games of our RuneScape and Old School RuneScape, which makes the company the first in history The revenue mark exceeded 100 million pounds. Attracting more players, and more importantly, keeping our loyal gaming community excited and involved for a long time, which shows the success of our life game spirit. This is the cornerstone of our strategy, which is based on putting the player first. In turn, this attracted world-class talent further strengthened the amazing Jagex team and promoted further success.

After reaching a record investment level in 2019, we will continue to invest and improve the player experience and bring the RuneScape world to more players worldwide. Jagex is very robust, and I am excited about our prospects, especially during the difficult times brought about by the pandemic. We will continue to establish contact with players and inspire them on the 20th anniversary of RuneScape in January 2021.

Facing an unexpected coronavirus pandemic, Jagex responded quickly and decisively, shifting it's game development, distribution, and field operations teams to remote work. Jagex also announced a series of other player-centric initiatives during the crisis and raised and donated a total of £204,000 with RuneScape and Old School RuneScape players to support the work of its mental health charity partners through the pandemic.

As we transition to multi-product and multi-platform studios, we will continue to enhance live game services and seek to expand its usability to more devices, distribution platforms, and more potential players in regions. We will also increase investment for further development, including our talent base, technology, new games, seeking distribution opportunities, and establishing strong partnerships with like-minded companies. It is a great honor to work with the outstanding talents of Jagex. Their hard work and dedication and our outstanding participants are the foundation of the company's success. This is the best achievement, RSGOLDB2C is a professional Runescape Gold dealer, Buy RS3 Gold in our store, you will get a wonderful gaming experience.

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