saruta12: Kovid-19: Italian photographer tracking blind people in the world who need to keep their distance

Kovid-19: Italian photographer tracking blind people in the world who need to keep their distance

20 Jul 2020 at 11:51pm
Italian ตารางบอลสด photographer Stefano
Bruilly According to the recording
of the difficulties facing the visually
impaired while adapting to life in the
world of the Covid-19 era. That must

maintain social distance
Italy is one country that
is facing the Covid-19 crisis
Hardest and longest in the world
Here are some pictures and stories
of the visually impaired people that

Brurli met between March and June
Lucilla is a sculptor and teacher
of art history I tend to count the
steps and time Therefore, if you
change anything along the way, I

will get lost She said that
she hasn't gone out to shop yet
There ดูผลบอลสด7m was a change of entrance-exit
to the subway station that she used
And this will make her travel more

difficult Lorenzo likes to
play the drums. And Francesco
likes to sing But after locking
down They didn't go to study music
at all These twins are blind, and

often sit and sing until the
sun goes down Aside from not
doing activities at school The
teacher who helped them especially
couldn't come home. Must rely on the
mother and grandmother to help instead

They are not able to live
independently. And social
spacing may make them more
alienated from society Their
grandmother Anna said that the

grandchildren should be the
people who first take care
not the last grou Simona used
to live freely, never relying
on anyone. She left the house

to work to find her friends
comfortably But now she has
not been anywhere for many months
I have to say that the thought of
leaving home makes me feel anxious

Simona said She is afraid that
she will get lost because the
entrance and exit of the current
subway station has been completely
changed according to social distance
maintenance measures.

Living in Thailand How is
it for the disabled We do
not leave each other' may
not be true When the main
occupation is blind hit hard

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