Nanlina: I personally think the bracelet of ethereum should provide resistance

I personally think the bracelet of ethereum should provide resistance

24 Jul 2020 at 08:43pm
Eventually I personally think the RS gold bracelet of ethereum should provide resistance, not immunity, to revs and revs ought to stay aggressive to whoever's loot it's to dissuade tagging them. At this time there is no reason to bring supplies to revs other than to survive a pking attempt. Rev killing a little insecure in general is made by the capacity for revs to do harm by means of a bracelet. These modifications should have the effect of making revs helpful to players and making their fertility topic to RuneScapes market. Once that happens attempts to farm and command them become self.

The second thing that has to be looked at is if revenant protection matches RuneScapes design philosophy and how to legitimize or delegitimize it from there. Some games really do seek to appeal to the players and clans in them. To get a sport like EVE mechanics makes great sense. For other MMOs it does not. I do not think it matches RuneScape's design or community but possibly the developers have different thoughts there. The devs do desire the wilderness to be a place where anything goes. Whichever way it's though RuneScape should change. Either by changing the revenants in such a way that they cannot be locked down by clans like this, or brought into RuneScape correctly where clans can actually properly claim an area such as the china caves for their members. Since right now that conversation is occurring out RuneScape itself.

There's not anything wrong with a paid security system from the wilderness if it developed. The simple fact that aggressive, player-organized structures organize content such as this around makes it much more interesting. If you do not like it, then you may try to get your own group together to overthrow the people current in place. I am really fine with the notion of protection that is paid. It sort of adds to the mystique of the Wilderness being a lawless land, not as there's no government part of any domain a individual would need to hire private police forces. If they are real world trading, they should be banned. I like the idea as long just like most things, as it is only in-game.

Paid security is great, I think that it's a super cool meta that actually uses what an MMO is (rather than single-player content that happens to be in an MMO) and let us clans be applicable in the actual gameplay and structure of RuneScape. It's super cool that clans operate like mafia companions and may struggle for control of an area, amazing participant agency and one of the few parts of content that lets players create their own and others gameplay expertise. I think that it's really well done along with an place for me is the loot table.

This is why I believed the blast furnace changes were dumb. So people would quit becoming xp and then at least some of these would need to trade the main guy cash. The problem was that you could grief by taking one of those spots and not do anything, without destroying a clan running its facet but jagex could have fixed that. Was way cheap RuneScape gold cooler IMO.

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