beautybarice: Redemption of Loneliness

Redemption of Loneliness

3 Aug 2020 at 01:27am
Once there being a story that a men bought an inflatable tpe sex doll online, and he regarded her as her girlfriend, as if she was the same as a real person. The inflatable doll itself is mainly responsible for the sexual release. Although the humanoid doll can sometimes be bulky, most of the time is cute and very real. But when the doll becomes a real person with emotions, how will the nature of the person be treated.

The hero under the lens is lonely, but the picture is fresh and sad. Maybe we also saw ourselves in the film. Dressing up for a bathing, eating and chatting, you may think it is a weird scene at first glance. But it is this behavior that is not accepted by ordinary people, shocking and moving the hearts of the audience. Loneliness grows like a virus in people's minds.

From the earliest cheap inflatable realistic sex doll to today's intelligent silicone dolls with subjective initiative, the market demand has become more intelligent and subjective with the revolution of robotic R&D technology, and it is getting closer and closer to the true sexual partners in the customer's mind. Following the "people" made of certain resins and iron frames, it is inevitable to choose deeper, vivid and simulated dolls to give them personality. In this way, the commercial products of the fun robot came into being.

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