freemexy: WoW Classic players squabble

WoW Classic players squabble

4 Aug 2020 at 07:21am
WoW Classic players squabble

Some player-crafted drama in WoW Classic appears to be brewing as guilds seek to complete a certain portion of the Scarab Lord quest chain. The incident in question involves the Horde guild Amnesty and the Alliance guild Sulfuras Alliance, both of which were attempting to finish the green scepter segment involving a boss fight. Just before Horde players managed to zerg the boss down and a player was about to earn the Scarab Lord title, members of the Sulfuras Alliance supposedly mass reported the player to the point that he was automatically banned, an event that was evidently caught on video.To get more news about WoW Classic Gold, you can visit lootwowgold news official website.

This event caused concern among the playerbase and prompted some official responses, one of which was a follow-up to the event that confirmed that the Horde player was not in fact banned due to report abuse. But Blizzard also pointed out a portion of the terms of service that warns against people making malicious use of the report system and threatens actions against those that do; to that point, some accounts were found to be doing just that and have seen actions taken against them.

Another official reply further discusses another form of griefing whereby low-level players are being brought in to engage with the boss and thereby buff its stats and abilities for those legitimately attempting the fight; the studio has stated that those found attempting as much could receive suspensions. So at the very least, Blizzard is aware that this whole quest chain is a hotbed for griefing activity.

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